✅ July Round-Up and our August Pledges

Apes, as we round the corner into the last month of #HotDeFiSummer we want to make sure we go out with a bang. 💥 August is another scorching month for us in The Jungle, so it’s our promise as always to keep bringing you the best that ApeSwap has to offer. 💪🐵

Check out our commitments for August below and then keep scrolling to see our crazy round-up of July! The momentum is real and we can’t wait to keep BUIDLing the Jungle together. 🏗🌴

August Pledges 📈

Auto-Compounding Burning Vaults — When vaults ser? August my friend. Yep, Auto-Compounding vaults are coming…

Loaded with juicy features & benefits for NFA holders! 😛

The ApeSwap Auction House will be officially opening on July 31st at 22:00 UTC! 🎉

Of course the Auction House is going to be jam packed with sweet features for our last batch of Non Fungible Apes, including users being able to auction off their own NFAs once all 1000 are officially released! Check out all the features below as well as an explanation of how the auction house will work. 🤓

Auction House Details 📜

We will be launching the Auction House with the final 46 NFAs that have yet to be sold. Once all remaining NFAs have been auctioned off, we’ll open…

The future of Play-to-Earn is here 🚀

Apes, please welcome Dragonary, our next IAO partner, to the Jungle. 🐵🌴

Introducing Dragonary 🐲

Dragonary is a brand new game being developed by CoinaryTV for Desktop, iPhone, and Android, where users can play to earn in-game currency. You can collect, trade, and breed various dragon NFTs and battle against the game or other players to win!

Dragons in the game are also collectable as NFTs that can be traded, sold, or bought on the Dragonary marketplace. In addition you can level up your dragons to make them even more rare and valuable! …

More BUIDL updates straight from the ApeSwap Jungle

Apes, we are so proud of all of our BUIDL applicants, members, and graduates. We’ve seen some tremendous growth in the program since we started back in April and we couldn’t be more excited to keep moving forward. With that, let’s introduce our next cohort of accepted applicants!

Cohort 5: Our Newest Freshman Class

For this new cohort, we are pleased to welcome an insured farm/vault offering, a yield farm built on Polygon, and a unique project that vets up-and-coming projects for potential ApeSwap listings.

Cookie Finance 🍪

Cookie Finance is a future multi-chain insurance provider that uses wrapped farms to protect your assets. Farms are backed by the…

Official Utilities Announcement and Plans for our Upcoming Auctions

Hey Apes, thank you for your continued patience regarding the NFA utility announcement. As you may have noticed we have been extremely careful to not make any concrete announcements and have extended the timeline on updating you a few times. With how much momentum the NFA project has caught, we felt it made the most sense to take the proper amount of time to ensure we handled this initiative with the utmost care. So without further adieu, we’re very excited to officially share details on our utility plans!

Decentralized Film Financing Project Joins the Jungle 🌴

The future of film is here and now everyone can become a mogul. Mogul Production’s unique token system leverages decentralized finance and transparency to approach the film industry in a completely unique way and we couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with them for their launch on BSC.

About Mogul Productions 🎞

Mogul Productions is a decentralized film financing project connecting creators, film financiers, and movie fans together, giving everyone the opportunity to participate in producing and distributing big-budget movies.

Mogul incentivizes participation and engagement on their platform using blockchain technology, NFTs, and crowd-funding mechanisms. The STARS token allows users to complete in-app payments…

One Small Step for Apes, One Large Leap for Ape-kind 🐵

As promised in our July pledges (and alluded to in Obie Dobo’s recent Reddit thread), ApeSwap governance is nearly ready to roll out! 😎

The Basics: About ApeSwap Governance 📝

As originally proposed, ApeSwap Governance is planned to revolve around our most essential long-term community members — those who hodl GNANA.

Here’s the TDLR on how ApeSwap Governance will work:

  • GNANA will be the token that dictates a user’s ability to vote. Each GNANA owned by an address counts as one vote for any given proposal.
  • GNANA must be actively held in the wallet to have voting power, staking in pools will not enable users to…

Helping a Fellow Ape Continue his Education 🤓

You’ve probably seen our beloved community ape “Prashant Pal” perusing around Telegram & Twitter, moderating, spreading cheer, and fighting FUD! 🐵

But behind his relentless bullishness & his well wishes to others, there is a lot going on ❤️

Some Background Details ℹ️

Prashant’s father has been a small business owner in the engineering field for about 18 years, essentially dedicating his life to this profession and business. That all came to a halt recently through a series of family-eroding mental health issues that his father faced, coupled with COVID rendering his business essentially useless and his help unwanted.

Beyond the interpersonal and business…

Liquidity Mining Round 2: Polygon Style 😎

We are running things back with our friends over at ONTO Wallet to bring you Apes another liquidity mining event through the ONTO Wallet 🥳

ONTO Wallet integrated the Polygon version of ApeSwap, and to celebrate we are hosting two liquidity mining events. Get your hands on bunches of $BANANA and $ONG rewards! 🍌

The Main Event 🔥

This time, we’re offering 1600 ONG plus 900 BANANA to users who stake a minimum of $20 worth of assets in ApeSwap’s WMATIC-BANANA pool.

The first 400 people to participate in the pool will each be awarded 2 BANANA and 3 ONG.

📆 Duration: July 7…

Safely diversify across crypto assets 🤓

Apes, we are proud to present our next IAO! Please put your prehensile feet together for *drum roll* 🥁 BiShares.Finance!! 🥳

About BiShares 🦬

BiShares is a decentralized platform for Index Funds on BSC! The team over at BiShares has a robust and bold plan to create and manage index funds on BSC, starting with 5 initial funds; included will be some of the most exciting projects on BSC.

With these index funds, BiShares is able to help bring some of the best elements of TradFi to our DeFi jungle. For those of you that are unaware of what an index fund is…


We’re a Decentralized Exchange on Binance Smart Chain. Visit us at https://ApeSwap.Finance

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