The Jungle Continues to Grow 🚀

Apes, we are happy to announce our newest partnership is with KeyFi! They’ve just recently launched on Binance Smart Chain, and we couldn’t be more excited to officially welcome them to the Jungle 🌴

KeyFi is an all-in-one platform, allowing you to track, swap, and stake all of your DeFi assets across Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. Expect all of your favorite platforms to be integrated soon! 😋

ApeSwap will be listing KEYFI as well as offering a new KEYFI-BNB farm + Pool on April 19, 2021 03:00 UTC.

To celebrate this news, KeyFi will be giving away 300 KEYFI…

Welcoming more projects to the Jungle 🌴🍌

Apes, we have a big one for you. Some of you smart apes might have noticed ONTO wallet as an option when you choose to connect to ApeSwap 🐵

This is no mistake… we have partnered with Ontology and their ONTO wallet to bring you a whole slew of activates 💪

Remember, ONT is on the Binance bridge, so it’s easy to bring ONT over to Binance Smart Chain! 😋

Here is what to expect:

To get the party started, we will have an AMA on April 20th at 12:00 UTC, hosted by Ontology in the ONTO wallet channel here. 🤓

  1. ONT/BNB liquidity pool is…

The sequel to the BANANA/NUTS partnership ✌️

Squirrels and Apes, we have been hearing a lot of chatter about wanting another partnership between our projects and we listened! Things just got even more NUTS 🌰

ApeSwap will now be the official decentralized exchange for Squirrel.Finance!

With this critical update, our projects will be working even more closely together. 💪

Whats First?

To kick things off we will be opening combined farms for ApeSwap NUTS/BNB LPs on April 16th at 17:00 UTC!

  1. ApeSwap opens up a NUTS/BNB farm, rewarding BANANA
  2. Squirrel.Finance opens up a NUTS/BNB farm using Ape LP’s with higher rewards than PCS.

So to all our monkeys and…

The first round of accepted applicants 🤓

We cannot be more excited to announce our initial cohort of accepted applicants to the BUIDL program. These fine projects have been hard at work in the Binance Smart Chain space and have great potential! 🚀

Remember Apes, still DYOR, only upon graduating will these projects become official ApeSwap partners. We have faith these will become great projects, but as noted in the original medium article, our final due diligence check is the last step before graduation.

Now, onto the introductions!

Koala DeFi 🐨

These cute creatures have actually already worked to migrate liquidity over to ApeSwap. Koala Defi takes a different approach…

Setting ourselves up to be a premier DEX 🚀

Apes, hopefully by now you have realized we are in it for the long haul 💪 And with being a long-term minded project, comes lots of opportunities to learn and grow 🤓

Above all, ApeSwap is a DEX. In our pursuit of becoming the best DEX possible for our users, we’ve realized we need to increase the incentives for the core BANANA/BNB & BANANA/BUSD pairs, while phasing out the other BANANA/token farms. We are very excited for this transition for a number of reasons, all listed below 🐵

The Drivers Behind This Transition 🚘

We are increasing the rewards for core $BANANA pairs 🍌

This is by far the biggest takeaway from this article — we…

Our very first AMA with the community 😋

There is never a dull moment when Obie Dobo is in the house 😎

Obie, grandfather of CZ Binance, hosted our first ever AMA on April 1st. There was trivia, memes, and lots of great questions 🔥

If you missed it we have a full recap for you here! 👌

The AMA began with Obie introducing the team 👋

Obie: Hey you crazy apes! I’ve muted the chat because it’s IT’S TIME TO GET THIS AMA STARTED 🎉

Tonight, we have a special treat… the entire founding team is here, ready to answer your burning questions 🔥🐵

If you don’t know them already, let me break it down for…

Come grow with us 🚀

For the Apes that don’t know, ApeSwap is a quickly growing Decentralized Exchange on Binance Smart Chain.

We are expanding the jungle! To further collaborate and support up and coming gems 💎 in the Binance ecosystem, we have committed to offering a fast-track partnership program + rewards to any project that adds liquidity to ApeSwap and meets a number of criteria 🐵

🔥 Introducing the ApeSwap BUIDL Program!

Here’s the TLDR for ApeSwap’s BUIDL Program:

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Who: ALL projects on BSC (yes, new and existing projects can participate!)

💡 What: An initiative to SUPPORT projects in the BSC space and REWARD projects for using ApeSwap


The $BANANA is strong with this one 🍌

If your banana-buzz from last Initial Ape Offering has already worn off, don’t worry — we’ve got something that will kick things back into lightspeed 🚀

Introducing, our next IAO partner! 🐵

Join us, and together we can rule BSC as Ape & Jedi

You know the drill, all the action takes place at ApeSwap.Finance/IAO, one hour long, and you need BANANA-BNB LPs to participate.

🚀 Launch Time: April 2nd at 03:00 UTC

💲 Token Price: $0.10 per $JDI

🎫 For Sale: 7,000,000 $JDI

💰 Hard Cap: $700,000

🍌 BANANA to Burn: $350,000

🕐 Duration: 1 hour ($JDI is going quick!)

If you need a refresher on how to participate in an IAO, check out the details in…

1,000 Uniquely Generated Ape NFTs 👾🐵

ApeSwap wouldn’t be a true crypto project without dipping its toes into the NFT space 🐵 So we’re excited to present to you… Non Fungible Apes!

What are Non Fungible Apes?

Non Fungible Apes (or NFAs) are a cryptographically generated set of 1,000 unique, rare, immutable, digital apes. Each ape is created by hashing a string (such as “Strong Ape”) to randomly generate a set of 6 characteristics: Base, Face, Frame, Mouth, Eyes, and Top.

Each characteristic has a different likelihood of occurring in each ape generation, making some characteristics much more rare than others. For instance, only 32 apes have laser eyes and only…

Where we’ve been & where we’re going 🚀

It’s been just over 1 month since ApeSwap came to life 🐵 From the initial BANANA Frenzy to the million BANANAs burned to an insane IAO — we’ve seen highs, lows, and everything in between.

Let’s take a minute to step back and see how far we’ve come… and of course where ApeSwap is heading ❤️

ApeSwap’s First Month in Review 🗓

Some of Our Key Metrics

For a month-old platform, ApeSwap has already hit some impressive milestones! We’ve curated a list of the most notable ones for you to enjoy:

📈 Volume — Almost $400,000,000 in transactions processed!

💧 Liquidity — Peaked at nearly $30,000,000 liquidity!

🔥 Burns — Burned…

AMM, Farming, and Staking! Check us out at ApeSwap.Finance

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