Who Fuels the Jungle — The ApeSwap Team 🌴

Meet all the Apes that make ApeSwap possible 🐵

We have had some questions about how ApeSwap is continuously pushing out content, partnerships and features 🤔 Plain and simple, it’s not easy and we couldn’t do it without a team of DeFi Apes working all the time 💪

These Apes work non-stop to keep the jungle growing and continue to push ApeSwap to be one of the best Decentralized Exchanges on Binance Smart Chain.

There is a complete breakdown of our entire team here.

Then we have the TL:DR below:

Co-Founders 🐵

  1. ApeGuru — Expert Full Stack Developer
  2. ApeTastic — Expert Smart Contract Developer
  3. Harambe Nakamoto — Tokenomics, Analytics and Engineering
  4. DK — Business Development and Marketing
  5. Obie Dobo — King of the Community Jungle

Core Team 🚀

  1. Rafiki — Chief Marketing Officer and newest ApeSwap team member
  2. Julian — NFA Lead and Business Development Manager
  3. Apegineer — DEX Analyst and Business Development Manager
  4. Chimpin Chip — Community Director & ApeTV Host
  5. Jim Ben — Community Director
  6. Raul — Full Stack Dev
  7. IM$ — Branding and UX/UI Lead
  8. Biko — Backend Dev and Innovation Lead
  9. ApeelingApe — Front End Developer
  10. Koen — BSC Subgraph Expert
  11. Luisa Roberts — Influencer Marketing
  12. Diddy Kong — Social Media Director
  13. Monolith — Business Development Associate
  14. Tarzan — Business Development Associate
  15. Reckon — Community Growth Strategist

Community Team ❤️

  1. Natty Sanuk — Ape Queen and DJ Peelz
  2. Klaus — Community Manager & Smart Ape
  3. Kong Kyle — Team Cheerleader
  4. Surfstyk — Community Manager
  5. Lee O — Strategic Advisor Ape

Interested in joining the ApeSwap Family?

We are always looking for passionate community members that want to help grow the jungle. The Apeswap family is rapidly growing. If you want to be part of this exciting family reach out to any of the founding team! ❤️

We’re a Decentralized Exchange offering a wide variety of services on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. Visit us at https://ApeSwap.Finance