What’s Next For the ApeSwap DEX

ApeSwap’s DEX is the core product of our DeFi Hub, so we spend a significant amount of time and effort developing ideas that help progress the DEX towards a more sustainable future. Specifically, DEX sustainability has three core components:

  1. providing the best user experience,
  2. finding ways to boost user retention, and
  3. servicing more trades & tokens

We’re excited to introduce Phase I of the next evolution of the ApeSwap DEX, which addresses points 1 & 2 of our long-term DEX sustainability goals.

Improving the ApeSwap DEX UI/UX

When it comes to the user experience, ApeSwap understands that trading on a decentralized exchange should be intuitive, easy to understand, and visually engaging. Phase I of the ApeSwap DEX upgrade involves improving our UI/UX to ensure that trading on our platform is frictionless, giving our users everything they need, and nothing they don’t.

Our new launch draws on best practices from DeFi leaders such as Uniswap, focusing on a minimal design, snappy responsiveness, and a clean fit on all mobile devices. Soon we’ll also be launching a fiat on-ramp, focusing on making ApeSwap the perfect experience for users of all DeFi experience levels.

Introducing the Bonus Router

As part of our ongoing user retention efforts, ApeSwap has entered into a partnership with Wallchain to create a new routing experience for certain trades. To kick off this partnership, ApeSwap is launching a new Bonus Router, which rewards users with a “Swap Bonus” if a trade meets certain conditions.

As of Thursday, June 30th, when a user submits a trade through the ApeSwap DEX, instead of going directly through the standard ApeSwap Router, the trade will first be checked to determine if it qualifies for an “upgrade” — in other words, ApeSwap will find any applicable arbitrage opportunities that can be captured before that transaction is processed.

Eligible trades will be processed through the Bonus Router, powered by Wallchain, and receive a Swap Bonus (a return of a portion of the profit captured by the Bonus Router). Our early estimates indicate that over 95% of trades will still go through the standard ApeSwap Router, and that only large trades or trades between tokens with low liquidity will qualify for a Swap Bonus.

For a detailed breakdown on how the Bonus Router works, visit our documentation.

Phase II: Servicing More Tokens and Trades

The next phase of ApeSwap’s upgrades to the DEX will focus on facilitating more trades across more token pairs — it’s going to be HUGE. You’ll be able to trade between any token on BNB Chain & Polygon. Yes, you read that right! We want ApeSwap to be a one-stop DeFi Hub for all your crypto needs, and part of those efforts involve being able to facilitate all types of trades that our users want to make. More on this in the coming weeks!

More questions? Check out our docs or follow us on Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, and Discord.



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