Wen Lottery Ser? 🎟 🧐

Apes, what’s better than a lottery that uses BANANA…? 🤔

A lottery that BURNS BANANA. 🔥🍌😛

We heard you apes were feeling lucky and we know you’re always asking, “wen more burn Ser?” — so we teamed up with GummyBull to integrate a BANANA burn into their new lottery V2 launching September 24th at 17:00 UTC. 💪

How the Gummy Lottery Works 💸

Every day at 18:00 UTC, a new Gummy Lottery is launched, with the winner randomly drawn 24 hours later. The lottery winner receives two things:

  1. The totality of the GUMMY Pot 🤤
  2. 50% of all GUMMY used to purchase lottery tickets over the next 24 hours

…plus the GUMMY Pot automatically accumulates GUMMY tokens all day long from the 5% transaction fees that are applied on every GUMMY transaction.

Anyone can use GUMMY tokens to participate in the lottery!

1 GUMMY = 1 Ticket

The lottery draw is uniformly and randomly performed among participants: the more tickets you purchase, the more chances you have of winning the lottery (pro rata).

But ser, where BANANA burn? 🤔

Every purchased ticket is divided as follows:

  • 50% is sent to the daily lottery winner
  • 40% is burnt
  • 10% is used to buy-back BANANA tokens and burn them

Apes did you see that last line item 👀

Yes, that is right, 10% is used to burn BANANA. Apetastic was pretty hyped when we saw that. 🤑

It gets Better… Introducing “Flavors” 😋

Every week a new Flavor Teams round is launched and lasts for 7 days. Flavor teams consists of 4 competing teams: 🍌 🍓 🍏 🍇

Banana, Strawberry, Apple and Grape to be specific.

You can use your GUMMY tokens to participate in the Flavor Teams by betting GUMMY on your favorite teams (you can chose multiple teams). The more tokens you bet on your favorite team, the more chances it has of winning.

After 7 days, a uniform random draw is performed among teams: the more tickets a team collected, the more chances the team has of winning the round (pro rata).

After a winning team has been randomly selected, the people who betted on this team share 75% of the GUMMY lost by the other teams. Each one will receive a share proportional to his share in the winning team.

The flavor lottery has a BANANA burn as well. 🔥🚀

Will there be a pool and farm?

Of course! What’s a partnership without lots of rewards for our ApeSwap family. 💪

  • GUMMY Listing: Token added to ApeSwap
  • BANANA Farm: Stake GUMMY-BNB ApeLPs to earn BANANA
  • GNANA Pool: Stake GNANA to earn GUMMY

Find all the complete details with the GummyBull docs! We encourage all apes to check out GummyBull’s new gambling ecosystem as it will be a key element of our ApeSwap Jungle go forward with their BANANA burn!



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