Welcome to the Jungle: Reasons to Ape into ApeSwap!

In a World of PancakeSwap Forks, Why ApeSwap? 🍌

Humble Beginnings: Where it all Started

It hasn’t even been 3 weeks since ApeSwap.Finance launched, but here, in our very own Planet of the Apes, we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved. And by ‘we’ we don’t just mean the dedicated team of developers that has brought Apeswap to life, but also each and every $BANANA-holding ape that has made our happy simian community the thriving jungle that it is. We love every single one of you.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is the place to be in DeFi at the moment, no question about it. You only have to witness the sheer number of pancake-swap style Automated Market Makers (AMM’s) launching every single day to see how fast the space is growing.

Unfortunately, that also means there is no shortage of scams, rug-pulls and even honest projects that just fail to compete — it’s a jungle out there. Please be careful.

For this reason, we take it very seriously when even our own $BANANA loving apes ask in our Telegram group or on our social channels “what are you doing to differentiate yourselves?” “how do I know my funds are safe in ApeSwap?” or even the simple, but brutal “When rug”?.

The Real Reasons for “Why ApeSwap?”

In the jungle, the lion may well sleep at night — but us apes never sleep. We’ve been hard at work building partnerships, adding features to our platform and creating utility for our $BANANA tokens. It’s time to take stock — if you have yet to join our 6,000 strong (and growing) ApeSwap community firstly, what are you waiting for? Secondly, you probably won’t know about everything we’ve done so far to make ApeSwap the place to be on BSC! So here’s a refresher:

Apes love pancakes, but… 🍴

There are many, many other new farms and AMM’s launching every day on BSC — most are, on some level, forks of Goose or PancakeSwap, as are we. However, there is an important distinction to be made here; most new farms are essentially PancakeSwap with a different wrapping. That means you’re basically limited to the functionality and markets PancakeSwap offers. At ApeSwap we made the decision to create and be in complete control of our own platform by not only creating our own farms, but a DEX and AMM as well. This means, as we grow we can make any changes and developments we like (trust us, there are plenty in the pipeline). This is a huge commitment of course, and it has meant delays in being listed on the likes of CoinGecko — because we are providing our own market, with its own data, rather than simply reflecting PancakeSwap.

Secured Code: No Rugs in the Jungle 🎋

The first order of business upon launching ApeSwap.Finance was to add a 24 hour time lock to our smart contract and remove all migratory code (ie, the infamous “rugpull code”). This means, even if one of our apes went rogue (they won’t) and tried to maliciously amend the smart contract (they really won’t), you would be able to see the change 24 hours before it was actioned. Therefore, there would be ZERO benefit to anyone in trying to make such a change. Everyone would have plenty of time to leave the jungle with their $BANANAS before the change could be executed. Plus no migrator function! There will be no rugs in the jungle.

Audits: These Apes are Squeaky Clean 🧼

Smart contract audits cost a considerable amount of money. More than bunches and bunches and bunches of $BANANAS could cover (yet…). Still, the safety of our apes’ funds is the most important consideration to us — and we know how important quality audits are to you. So, we’ve had not only one, but TWO audits conducted. One by BSC Gemz and one by Certik.

The Gemz audit report can be found here. The Certik audit is still in progress!

Partnerships: Let’s Grow the Zoo! 🦍

Apes are friendly creatures — we love a partnership — and we’ve had not one, but TWO huge (socially distanced!) parties in the jungle in the last couple of weeks as we welcomed BakerySwap.org and Beefy.Finance to the Apeswap family. You can read more about what these fantastic partnerships mean for us apes, and our $BANANAS here. We plan to continue working with the premier partners in the BSC ecosystem.

$BANANA Drives: Giving back to Our Apes 🐵

Maybe we say it too much, maybe we don’t say it enough, but we really do love our community. ApeSwap is about far more than just exchanging, farming and pooling $BANANA (although that stuff is really cool too). Us apes also really look out for each other. And we mean REALLY look out for each other. That’s why we introduced $BANANA Drives. When one of our very own community apes “KongKyle” revealed the extent of medical troubles he was going through, we did what any family does, we protected our own. The first $BANANA Drive was opened to accept donations in $BANANA and other tokens over a 3-day period, and we raised over $4,000 for our sweet ape!

Banana-nomics: Burn Baby Burn 🔥

We aim to deliver regular, consistent, and large burns for you all! Our latest one torched the entire dev wallet! (Over $300,000 in BANANA) As much as us apes LOVE $BANANAS, we love our fellow apes even more, and we know token value is important to you. So you keep farmin’ and we’ll keep burnin’ — that’s our promise! We also have some additional token economic enhancements in the pipeline! Stay tuned for a dedicated article all about that ❤

Where Does ApeSwap Go From Here?

It’s hard to believe all of this has happened in just three weeks — but we promise you, the good news doesn’t stop here. We have plenty of plans, developments and news in the pipeline that we know will make our apes very happy over the coming weeks and months. Keep your eyes, and your $BANANAS peeled!

Stay up on the latest directly in our telegram channel here!

We’re a Decentralized Exchange on Binance Smart Chain. Visit us at https://ApeSwap.Finance

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