Welcome to the ApeZone with APOyield! 🦍

Meet APOyield, the first token on the ApeSwap ApeZone 🐵

If you’ve been following ApeSwap for any amount of time, you’re no stranger to our community begging for more pools, higher APYs, more partnerships, etc. To help deliver on all of these requests, we’ve come up with an innovative new offering — the ApeZone 🐵

What is the ApeZone? 🐵

In an effort to continually bring new projects, new pairs, and new farms to the ApeSwap.Finance ecosystem, we’re excited to officially announce the ApeZone!

This ApeZone is designed to bring additional utility to the native $BANANA token, serve as a launch pad for exciting new projects, and create higher levels of community engagement.

Here’s what to expect:

😋 Regularly seeing new high yield farms & pools crop up on ApeSwap

🚀 Serving as a launch pad for up-and-coming Binance Smart Chain projects

🍌 Increasing the amount of utility and use cases for $BANANA

ApeZone SOUL Pool

Right now, ApeZone pools and farms will be denoted with a little “ApeZone” tag (see the photo) ❤️ This signifies this project and pool are an official member of the ApeZone.

Over time, we will grow the ApeZone larger and larger to likely have it’s own section on ApeSwap.Finance. So stay tuned for updates!

Meet APOyield — the First Member of the ApeZone!

APOyield is a deflationary yield product on the Binance Smart Chain with its token called SOUL and DSL. APOyield works by applying a total of 10% fee to each transaction where 8% is instantly split among all token holders, where the remaining 2% is used to decrease the SOUL total supply. Thus, APOyield smart contract allows earning additional tokens by simply holding SOUL tokens. For more details check out their documentation here.

With a unique user interface, strong token economics, and a rapidly growing community, APOyield makes for an excellent partner and ApeZone candidate 🚀

Here’s exactly what the partnership entails:

  • 3 new trading pairs will be opened on ApeSwap: SOUL-BANANA, SOUL-BNB, and SOUL-BUSD pairs.
  • A new pool for SOUL-BANANA LP tokens will be opening up, which rewards in SOUL.
  • Lots of memes, community engagement, and fun behavior in the ApeZone. Be on the lookout for contest specifics!

If you’re a BANANA holding ape, getting involved is pretty simple. You just need to acquire some SOUL through one of the trading pairs. Start providing liquidity and stake those LPs to generate SOUL! 💰

PLEASE NOTE: Since SOUL is a reflect token, each transaction (such as a harvest or liquidity provision) will result in a 10% tx fee as noted above, some of which goes to SOUL holders. This also means you must increase slippage above 10% to purchase SOUL from our DEX!

Come join us over at ApeSwap.Finance ❤️



ApeSwap is a multichain DeFi Hub offering an accessible, transparent, and secure experience for everyone.

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ApeSwap is a multichain DeFi Hub offering an accessible, transparent, and secure experience for everyone.