Treasury Bills: An ApeSwap Community Success Story (With More to Come)

Why the Treasury Bill Presale was Successful

How the Discount Rate Works

What’s Next for Treasury Bills: New NFT Art

  • The Certification: The frame color around the legend reflects the purchase amount, ranging from bronze to diamond for the highest-value NFTs.
  • The Legend: The trailblazers of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, and Lighting Labs CEO and founder Elizabeth Stark.
  • The Location: Digital and physical spaces which created early use cases for cryptocurrency, such as The Silk Road, The Sandbox, and Switzerland’s Crypto Valley.
  • The Moment: Key developments which helped to shape where the cryptocurrency atmosphere is today, including the Bitcoin hard fork, the moment when Tesla began accepting Bitcoin for purchases, and Bitcoin becoming legal tender in El Salvador.
  • The Trend: Trends which developed further utility and use cases for cryptocurrency, including the HODL phenomenon, GameFi, and (naturally) NFTs.
  • The Innovation: Innovations like the mining rig, stablecoins, smart contracts, and hardware wallets which helped drive cryptocurrency forward into everyday adoption.

The Future of Treasury Bills



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