Timelock Activated: No Rugs in The Jungle

Apes don’t need rugs because they live in the jungle. 🐵

Hey Apes! It’s been an amazing initial 48 hours of the $BANANA Frenzy. We’ve seen burned $BANANAs, lots of memes, and one amazing community. 🍌

Now, we’re excited to announce a major milestone to help in the trust and security of our platform. Our 24 hour timelock contract is live! To our knowledge, this is the longest timelock in the industry 👀 4x longer than PancakeSwap!

See the transferOwnership transaction here: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x35fb150b7b7e74d918c9be2128a903c73620e5a88fe57eed170b9b2a36820347

We currently have two transactions in queue as part of our reward reduction for our $BANANA frenzy:

What does this mean?

Timelocks are a much needed security mechanism in today’s current environment. With rug pullers and scammers around every corner, having protection mechanisms built-in is the only way to go.

Specifically, timelocks create a delay in any ApeSwap.Finance smart contract updates. This means we must send a transaction to the timelock contract (where it is delayed) before it can be executed. So if we update anything, people can clearly see in advance what is happening ❤

What are you doing to celebrate?

I’ll give you a hint… it starts with “b” and ends with “urning lots of $BANANA” 😉

That’s right, we’re celebrating this major milestone with a 25,000 $BANANA burn!

Let’s keep the $BANANA Frenzy going you crazy apes! If you haven’t been to ApeSwap.Finance yet to join the fun, get over there before it’s too late 🍌🍌🍌

We’re a Decentralized Exchange on Binance Smart Chain. Visit us at https://ApeSwap.Finance

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