The names Locker, CryptEx Locker 🔐

ApeSwap and CryptEx Locker team up to fight the War on Rugs 💪

One of our core pillars at ApeSwap is keeping our community safe 🐵. For that reason we have formed a long term partnership with CryptEx Locker to promote safe practices in the BSC ecosystem.

We are kicking off this partnership with a BANANA/CRX trading pair + pool to rewards users for locking liquidity.

  1. Pool will launch at 4PM EST March 14th
  2. Pool will reward 375 CRX over 5 days (about $13,000) for staking Banana/CRX LP tokens

Additionally we will be partnering with CryptEx Locker on many different fronts:

  1. ApeSwap will be locking up liquidity pool tokens with CryptEx Locker
  2. We will be promoting the use of lockers with our other partnerships

We are very excited to grow with the CryptEx Locker team. Binance Smart Chain and ApeSwap just got one step safer 🚀

We’re a Decentralized Exchange on Binance Smart Chain. Visit us at https://ApeSwap.Finance

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