September Report 📰

Please Ser, Wen More ApeSwap News? 🐵

We made a promise last month to give you more ApeSwap news, more quality partnerships, and more engaging activities. Today we reflect on the first month of living up to that guarantee. ❤️

Our latest IAO set record highs and had participation from over 90 countries. Our homepage went through a redesign to bring our most important news straight to your front door. We officially stepped into the Metaverse and won a popularity medal from THE Binance Smart Chain. The new President of ApeLabs, Chimpin Chip, launched a decentralized crypto education platform. We kept burning, you kept trading, and together we hit new all-time highs on BSC and Polygon throughout the month. 💪

Check out our full recap below!

NFTY Labs IAO 008 — We capped off the month with an absolute splash when our partner NFTY Lab’s Initial Ape Offering (IAO) oversubscribed by 10,149%. It was not only our fastest oversubscription, but also the highest amount we’ve ever raised at just over $110M! Tokens will vest in 25% increments over 3 months. 🧪

Updated Homepage — We’ve updated our homepage! With the official launch of “Wen News Ser?” we are bringing you all the news you need to know straight from the source, not under the control of an algorithm. Every new farm, pool and listing, every press release and AMA, and all breaking news will land directly on our site moving forward! 📰

Gummy Bull Lottery — Our new official lottery partner Gummy Bull is a decentralized social lottery platform that gives users a chance to win big every day. With the launch of V2 of their protocol, they built-in a 10% $BANANA burn mechanic across their entire blossoming ecosystem. 🍭

Binance Smart Chain Popularity Medal — Apeswap is officially one of the most popular projects on BSC and they gave us a medal to prove it! During BSC’s 1-Year Anniversary event we were awarded the popularity medal alongside four other projects. With over 58k $BANANA hodlers, Apeswap has become one of the most used Defi Apps on BSC. 🥇

Launched ApeLabs — Chimpin Chimp and Jim Ben have launched a formal crypto education program for apes interested in learning everything DeFi. ApeLabs curriculum is a unique offering never before seen in our space, affordable via the OECD PPP Index, and available globally. Participants will receive a unique NFT certificate upon completion! Registration opens again soon! 🎓

26 New Trading Pairs — Another awe-inspiring month from our Biz Dev team who brought 26 more pairs to the Jungle. ApeGineer has truly had his work cut out for him, constantly analyzing the DEX to make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible. 🌴

835k+ BANANA Burned — Another huge month of burns couldn’t make ApeTastic happier, another $2.3 Million in BANANA is gone forever. You can always see our lifetime burn count under ApeSwap Stats on our homepage. 🔥

NFA Auction House — Each Non-Fungible Ape is getting hotter and hotter as the NFA floor continues to rise. We had 23 more auctions for another 551 BNB. While Colossal has also sold, that was in October, so it will be counted in next month's highlights. We also heard the self-serve auction house and NFA staking pools are coming in late October. 🤫

19 Auto Compounding Burning Vaults — We’ve expanded our burning vaults across 7 partners! Stake and earn single assets and LPs through auto-compounding at least 6 times per day — and don’t forget to switch chains to Polygon to see our cross-chain options. 🏦

$750M+ TVL — We crossed over $750,000,000 Million in total value locked during September, which was an ApeSwap ATH. 🧗

3 Metaverse Sponsorships — And so begins the dawn of the metaverse. We were proud to be an official sponsor of Polycon hosted by PolyDoge as well as 2 BSC events in celebration of their 1-Year Anniversary. 🪙

1 Red Carpet Appearance — We landed a spot at the Reboot Camp screening, Apeswap appeared on the red carpet through our partner Mogul Productions for the new David Koechner and Ja Rule film! It was the first film to sell their deleted scenes as NFTs. 🎬

#5 Dex on Polygon — With nearly 4k $BANANA hodlers and $100M+ TVL at the beginning of the month, Apeswap set new all time highs moving into the top 5 DEXs that support Polygon. 📈

11 Partner AMAs — Our AMAs are on absolute fire with @JulianApeSwap and @ApeSwapAsh leading the charge with over eleven partners. If you missed our BUIDL Gradutes, Zignaly, Ceek, Moonpot, PolarSync, Lossless, Ferrum, GameXChange, or NFTY Network, you can check them out here! 🍌

$1.7B Total Monthly Trading Volume — That’s a lot of action! We’ve reached over $1.7B in trading volume in the past month across the BSC and Polygon networks! 💰

Until Next Month 🐵❤️

With the end of Q3 we could not be feeling more bullish about what we have in store for Q4.

Our future partner list is stronger than ever, our up coming features and streamlining of our site is only going to make your experience better— and THE NEWS we have coming will only fuel your curiosity for what’s next! And that’s an ApeSwap promise! 😉



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