Price: The Elephant in The Room 🐘

  • Our effort & execution
  • Making long-term decisions
  • Effectively using the resources we have
  • Keeping everyone informed
  • How the market behaves
  • The market correctly pricing our protocol
  • Guaranteeing 100% success rate on all decisions
  • Partners and their behavior

Q1 Pipeline Clarification & Progress Updates

CEX Listings

6 Initial Ape Offerings (IAOs)

DeFi 2.0 / Bills



BANANA Maximizer Vaults

Ok that’s great, but what’s next?

Product Considerations

  • DEX Capital Efficiency
  • Voting Escrow Mechanics and Governance Systems
  • Fiat Onramp Providers
  • Cross-chain Opportunities and Approaches
  • ApeSwap Protocol Health Dashboard
  • Immutable Frontend through IPFS

Other Considerations

  • Our beloved group of 40+ global admins continue to keep the Jungle a friendly and safe place
  • Raf, Diddy, Hammer, and LK are aggressively pursuing marketing avenues with over $1,000,000 expected to be spent over the next 6 months
  • Chip, Jim, and the entire ApeLabs crew are providing world class education and partnering with some of the largest names in crypto
  • Bee is relentlessly producing ApeTV episodes
  • Julian, DK, Crimson, and Tarzan are organizing a biz dev associate training program to bring in more talent and increase the partnership pipeline
  • Alpha is managing, refining, and enhancing our book of business
  • Obie is setting up a Growth and Grant Program with $250,000 carved out from our treasury in the next 6 months to expand the protocol through community contributions
  • King Louie has been rewriting our docs from the ground up & refining our onboarding journey to recruit and retain new users
  • Apegineer is scouting out analytics and machine learning techniques/firms to optimize the usage of BANANA incentives
  • Casor has been refining our backend API & Blockchain Monster has enhancing our infrastructure
  • Banaetty and Langki are keeping the community a lively place with several initiatives underway
  • Plus we always have a few other tricks up our sleeve ❤️

Wrapping Up: What about Right Now?

  • Accumulated over $50,000,000 in our lending network
  • Executed over $1,000,000,000 in DEX Volume
  • Revamped 50% of our UI, with the rest coming in the next few weeks to fully distinguish ourselves from PCS
  • Established a well-rounded team of 30 core apes, ready to execute on the nearly $2,000,000 treasury proposal we just passed
  • Laid the technical foundations for a DAO by launching Gsafe & MasterApeAdmin contracts



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