Ontology & ApeSwap Bring it Back 🌴

Liquidity Mining Round 2: Polygon Style 😎

We are running things back with our friends over at ONTO Wallet to bring you Apes another liquidity mining event through the ONTO Wallet 🥳

ONTO Wallet integrated the Polygon version of ApeSwap, and to celebrate we are hosting two liquidity mining events. Get your hands on bunches of $BANANA and $ONG rewards! 🍌

The Main Event 🔥

This time, we’re offering 1600 ONG plus 900 BANANA to users who stake a minimum of $20 worth of assets in ApeSwap’s WMATIC-BANANA pool.

The first 400 people to participate in the pool will each be awarded 2 BANANA and 3 ONG.

📆 Duration: July 7 at 9:00 (UTC) to July 14 at 9:00 (UTC)

Bonus Activities 😋

You can win extra rewards by creating an ONTO Wallet during the event.

Simply download ONTO, create a wallet, and participate in the WMATIC-BANANA pool to be eligible to win an additional 0.5 BANANA and 2 ONG.

The first 200 newly created ONTO Wallets that participate in the pool will be eligible for the reward.

Revisiting partnerships in the ApeSwap family is always important to us, we love all our members of the Jungle and will continue to look for opportunities to further collaborate! ❤️🐵

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