October Report 📰

Apes, we have got a lot more news for you! Our ‘Colossal Ape’ sold for BIG BNB, we introduced leveraged trading and we burned millions of dollars worth of $BANANA! The team has been hard at work growing the jungle by bringing better, bigger, and more frequent projects to the ApeSwap community! Full October recap and links below!

Auctioned Colossal Ape — The Colossal Ape has sold! Could this be the highest NFT sale on the Binance Smart Chain? Congratulations to the winning bidder who won the auction with a bid of 326.969 $BNB ($184k USD)! Go give Jack D NFA a big congrats on Twitter. 👍

Introduced Leveraged Trading — We’re proud to bring leveraged trading to the jungle! ApeMex is a fully on-chain margin trading protocol built on BSC and powered by ApeSwap that allows users to trade with up to 10x leverage! 🌴

Created NFT Liquidity — An NFT revolution is coming to the Binance Smart Chain, and it goes by the name of Liquid Collectibles! Liquid Collectibles is creating a new way to profit from your NFTs by allowing users the option to create NFT indexes that generate passive income through yield farming and staking! NFAs are set to launch Liquid Collectibles on Nov 7th. 👽

Coingecko Polygon Dev Data Integration— We’re beyond thrilled to share that CoinGecko has fully integrated ApeSwap’s exchange data and the $BANANA token! Get access to our price movement, market cap, trading volume, and so much more! 🦎

Official RugDoc Partnership — Being transparent and available is our number one priority, and security is at the heart of everything we do; and funny enough, RugDoc seems to agree! Moving forward RugDoc will be on the lookout for SAFU projects that are looking for a home, which ApeSwap can provide! 🥼

$1.5B in Monthly Trading Volume — That’s a lot of action! We’ve reached over $1.5B in trading volume for the past 2 months in a row across BSC and Polygon networks! 💰

19 New Farms — Our team sorts through quite literally through thousands of messages from potential partners and projects, and we pride ourselves in providing you with the best yield on BSC with an average of 150.75% APR across this month’s farm listings! 🥳

17 New Pools — Go in and out of pools as much as you’d like with ZERO fees. That’s right, ZERO. Did we mention our pools average 115.13% APR as well? 🌊

BURNSDAY — Another huge month of burns couldn’t make ApeTastic happier, another $1.1 million BANANA gone forever. That’s over 2 million dollars worth burned! 🔥

29 New Trading Pairs — Another awe-inspiring month from our Biz Dev team who brought more than two dozen pairs to the Jungle! 🤪

Launched the NFA Self-Serve Auction — You can now list your Non-Fungible Apes on the auction house! In the first 12 hours of the platform’s launch, we had over a dozen NFAs listed! 🛖

ApeLabs — We are growing our alumni base as ApeLabs has graduated 3 labs worth of students who are passionate about crypto! Enroll today and receive your own NFT diploma upon completion. 🎓

NFA V2 Migration — In an effort to unify ApeSwap’s offerings and make it more clear that we fully support on-chain NFAs, ApeSwap deployed the V2 NFA contract from ApeSwap’s main deployer in order to bring both IPFS data and on-contract metadata. Read all about it here! 💻

12 Partner AMAs — Our AMAs are constantly providing apes with valuable information thanks to our host @ApeSwapAsh leading the charge. If you missed Tower, ApeRocket, RugDoc, AnySwap, Thetan Arena, Prosper, Secret Swap, ApeMEX, Gummy Bull, Decubate, NFTY Labs, or GameXChange you can check them out here! 🍌

17 New Partners — The ApeSwap family continues to grow, and we could not be more grateful to be partnering with such amazing teams and building trust! The support from you is what keeps new partners constantly knocking on our doors! 🤝

Until Next Time 👋

We work day and night around the world in order to keep growing DeFi as quickly and safely as we can for you! So, what’s next for ApeSwap you ask? Well I’m glad you asked! On Nov 7th at 17:00 we are launching the next phase of #WenNewsSer which will entail 5 announcements over 5 days next week. But what could those announcements be?! Guess you’ll just have to wait to find out! 😉



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