NFA Sale #4 + Recap

A New Sale + Looking Back on a Successful Month ❤️

Apes, we hope you’re ready! 👀 The next set of 100 Non Fungible Apes will be available this coming Saturday, May 8th at 22:00 UTC on NFTKEY!

Don’t forget only 1,000 NFA’s will ever be released, so make sure you don’t miss out. If you want to learn more about our Non-Fungible Apes collection check out our first Medium post here.

NFA Milestones ✅

It’s been a little over a month since we first started releasing our collection of Non-Fungible Apes, and what a crazy time it’s been. As we prepare for the release of the 4th batch of apes, we wanted to highlight some important milestones and facts!

🐵 We have released a total of 330 NFA’s currently, and plan to continue releasing the apes in batches of 100 until the last batch! 💯

🕛 All 3 of our official sales have sold out in less than 5 minutes 🔥

🤝 We’ve had LOTS of very active buyers and sellers in the aftermarket, already generating thousands of NFA transactions. The most expensive ape so far was resold for close to $15,000 🤯

📈 NFA’s were officially listed on DappRadar’s NFT collection page

We’re excited to continue this journey with you apes, and we’re confident the good news will keep rolling in! Let’s make this the best NFT project on BSC together ❤️🥰

We’re a Decentralized Exchange on Binance Smart Chain. Visit us at https://ApeSwap.Finance

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