NFA Release #9 🐵

The last full release is here 👀

Apes, we’re almost done releasing all the NFAs! It’s time for the second to last #NFA launch! The next set of 100 Non Fungible Apes will be available this coming Saturday, June 19th, at 22:00 UTC on NFTKEY!🕙

This is the final batch that will include 100 apes for sale. We will be auctioning the remaining apes before the end of June, so make sure you take advantage of these prices. Full details below!

If you want to learn more about the Non Fungible Apes collection, check out our first Medium post here. And don’t forget, only 1,000 NFAs will ever be released, and there are only 2 official batches left before the resale market takes over. 🤯

NFA Release #9 🍌

Hoping to get your hands on a Non Fungible Ape during the next sale? Here are a couple of tips and tricks!

🕛 Remember, all 8 of our previous official sales have sold out in less than 5 minutes 😱, so if you want to get an ape, you’ll have to be quick! 🐒💨

🐒 When the sale goes live at 22:00 UTC on June 19th, all resale apes will be hidden and only official ApeSwap owned NFAs #852 – #953 will be available for purchase. 💯

🐵 Ape #919 “Colossal Ape” will not be available this batch, he is the rarest NFA of all and he will be released in the final auction ⚡️

💻 Stick to the homepage on NFTKEY for your best chance at getting an ape. If you try to open individual ape pages, you could easily miss out! ✅

🤝 We’ve had LOTS of very active buyers and sellers in the aftermarket, already generating thousands of NFA transactions. If you weren’t able to grab one during the sale, you can always check out NFTKEY! 🔑

What’s Next? The Final Release 🏁

Apes, we are fast approaching the final sale! The plan is to auction off the last 46 apes on NFTKEY before the end of June. 🔑 So please keep your eyes (and your bananas) peeled for an announcement with the date and final details!

Recent NFA News 📰

Non Fungible Apes are continuing to gain momentum, here’s a look at what happened and what’s coming. 🔮

💸 We’ve had a new record set for the highest aftermarket NFA sale, and it was for a Tier 4! The highest resale record so far is officially Tidy Ape for 29.172 BNB. 🤯

🐵 We’ve got some fresh utility news incoming Apes, just sit tight and wait for an amazing announcement in collaboration with one of our partners coming very soon. 😉

🍌 Behind the scenes we are also working on lots of new partnerships and collaborations for NFAs and NFA holders, and we can’t wait to share more once all apes are released! 📈

I can’t believe we’re almost through all the releases! Thank you all for sticking by us, and looking forward to the next chapter in NFA history. ❤️🥰

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