NFA Release #8 🐵

And a look back at a successful month 📈

Apes, Hot DeFi Summer is HEATING UP! It’s time for another #NFA release! The next set of 100 Non Fungible Apes will be available this coming Saturday, June 12th at 22:00 UTC on NFTKEY!🕙

If you want to learn more about the Non Fungible Apes collection, check out our first Medium post here. Don’t forget, only 1,000 NFAs will ever be released, and there are only 3 official batches left before the resale market takes over 🤯

NFA Release #8 🍌

Hoping to get your hands on a Non Fungible Ape during the next sale? Here are a couple of tips!

🕛 Remember, all 7 of our previous official sales have sold out in less than 5 minutes 😱 If you want to get an ape, you’ll have to be quick! 🐒💨

🐵 When the sale goes live at 22:00 UTC on June 12th, all resale apes will be hidden, and only official ApeSwap owned NFAs #750–#851 will be available for purchase 💯

💻 Stick to the homepage on NFTKEY for your best chance at getting an ape. If you try to open individual ape pages you could easily miss out! ✅

🤝 We’ve had LOTS of very active buyers and sellers in the aftermarket, already generating thousands of NFA transactions. If you weren’t able to grab one during the sale, you can always check out NFTKEY! 🔑

Some Info 📰

Non Fungible Apes have had a busy month! Sales have been blowing up like crazy and we have some updates. As interest in NFAs has continued to grow, let’s take a look back at a few highlights from the past few weeks.

🐵 To continue our celebration of #HotDeFiSummer, we started the Weekly Non Fungible Ape Holder Reward Draw! Every Saturday (Remember, Saturdayz are for the NFAs 😛), we choose one ape from each tier to win $100 in BANANA!

💸 We added the NFA waterfall sales bot to our Telegram, giving members an immediate detailed breakdown of any sale by name, number, tier, and sale price.

🪂 We just announced a $20,000 $HiFi AirDrop to all NFA Holders post IAO 005 with HiFi Retro DeFi Games

🐒 Janos (@JanosCrypto on TG) joined the team as our NFA team as out Utility Lead 🎉

📊 One of our dedicated apes (@Karlordd on Twitter) created an amazing new platform for tracking historical sales and other NFA data. Check out Apes Scan here!

🍌 Behind the scenes, we are working on lots of new partnerships and collaborations for NFAs and NFA holders, and we can’t wait to share more!

The journey continues on, apes! Thank you all for being a part of this great community, and let’s continue making this the best NFT project on BSC together ❤️🥰

We’re a Decentralized Exchange on Binance Smart Chain. Visit us at https://ApeSwap.Finance

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