$NAUT Initial Ape Offering

Everything you need to know to board the rocket ship 🚀

AstroApes, we appreciate your patience as we have been tirelessly working to prepare the rocket ship for our first Initial Ape Offering (IAO) 🐵

Details of the $NAUT IAO

🚀 Launch Time: March 15th at 23:00 EST (March 16th 03:00 UTC)

🎫 For Sale: 2,000,000 $NAUT

💰 Hard Cap: $400,000

🍌 BANANA to Burn: $200,000

🕐 Duration: 1 hour (NAUT is going quick!)

How to Participate in the $NAUT IAO

Before Sale:
1. Buy BANANA and BNB tokens
2. Get BANANA-BNB LP tokens by adding BANANA and BNB liquidity

During Sale:
1. While the sale is live (March 15 23:00–00:00 EST), commit your BANANA-LP tokens to buy NAUT

After Sale:
1. Claim the tokens you bought, along with any unspent funds.
2. Done!

Keeping Things Safe: $NAUT Vesting Schedule

To ensure the safety of our Apes and to prove the commitment of the Astronaut team, we are teaming up with our CryptEx Locker partners to lock up and vest the initial funds.

1. Once IAO is done, the BANANA gets burned and the BNB goes to NAUT. 25% of this BNB gets locked for 3 months.

2. NAUT locks 50% of all their NAUT LPs (e.g., NAUT-BANANA, NAUT-BNB, and NAUT-BUSD) for 3 months.

3. In addition to this NAUT will be locking 50% of their team tokens for 3 months, to then be released over 6 months

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