Meet ApeSwap NFT

A lot has changed in the NFT landscape over the past year since the launch of ApeSwap’s NFA and NFB collections, we are excited to continue building, adapting, and innovating.

ApeSwap’s NFT collections should reflect what ApeSwap’s DAO is to BNB Chain DEXs: a top tier decentralized NFT collection driven by unique experiences and functionality coupled with a powerful community behind it.

To kick off a new phase for ApeSwap’s NFT collections, we will be implementing a couple of changes in the coming weeks.

Introducing ApeSwap NFT

Meet ApeSwap NFT, our new NFT-centric brand!

What started a little over a year ago with ApeSwap’s premium NFA collection, has evolved into a collection of NFT products.

Placing the Non Fungible Apes and Non Fungible Bananas under the ApeSwap NFT umbrella gives us the opportunity to double down on the brand we’ve worked so hard to grow and continue work on realizing its full potential.

Starting this weekend (July 30th, 2022), the NFA and NFB communities will be united and rebranded into the new ApeSwap NFT community.

Bringing together the Non Fungible Ape and Non Fungible Banana communities will be beneficial for both collections and open exciting new possibilities in the future in regards to utility, forming partnerships, and the general development of ApeSwap NFT.

This does not mean the differences between the NFA and NFB will disappear, the NFA will always stay the premium NFT collection and will play a much bigger role within the ApeSwap NFT ecosystem in the near future.

The Power of Community

A NFT project is as strong as the community backing it - without an engaged community, most NFT collections are nothing more than a pretty picture tied to a smart contract.

You can’t grow a community out of thin air. Engagement, utility, value, and most of all the existing community are of the utmost importance to growing and maintaining strong roots in the space.

We believe the community should play a much bigger role in the general direction of ApeSwap’s NFT collections. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be implementing some new measures to better arm the community with the tools they need to have their voices heard.

What this means

NFA holders will play a much bigger role in the future direction and development of ApeSwap NFT through governance.

Not only will this make the ApeSwap NFT collections more decentralized, it will also spark collective brainstorming, strategic thinking, and engagement within the community, benefiting the project and holders alike.

NFB holders will benefit from a more active community and get more exposure. The NFB will become a low entry way to get into the ApeSwap NFT ecosystem and get a taste of the perks owning a NFA can offer.

The ApeSwap NFT team is ready to support the community in every possible way to encourage growth, and will actively be developing new utility and tools, forming new partnerships, posting on social media, and more.

ApeSwap NFT Treasury

In order to give the community more control over the direction of ApeSwap NFT, we’ve also created a brand new ApeSwap NFT Treasury Gnosis Safe! You can view the wallet address here:

Not only will this treasury wallet be used to build an NFT collection for giveaways and raffles, it will also receive a part of the royalty fees from the auction house and partnering NFT marketplaces, building up a solid treasury to grow the community and project. Over the next three months, 100% of royalty proceeds will go to the ApeSwap NFT Treasury.

Over 69 NFTs have been donated to the Treasury Wallet thus far from members of the ApeSwap team, partners, and community members.

The contents of the community treasury wallet can be used for proposals by NFA holders that will benefit the ApeSwap NFT community. More guidelines on this will be shared as we roll out governance.

The future of partnerships

It’s an understatement to say there is a lot going on in today’s NFT landscape.

We’re at the precipice of a new era for NFTs, more utility and product integration is becoming available every day.

NFTs offer the possibility of becoming a part of your digital identity in exciting new worlds and games, unlock special functionality or perks in dapps, be used as a PFP (of course), and much, much more.

To get ApeSwap NFT out there and continue to be a part of the latest NFT developments, we’ll be consistently introducing new partnerships with top partners in the space, starting with BSC News (more to come on this soon).

Not only will partnerships expose new potential buyers to ApeSwap NFT, they will also offer new benefits and perks for ApeSwap NFT holders and help further the growth of our ecosystem in general.

By partnering with exciting gaming, entertainment, art, metaverse, and service based projects, ApeSwap NFT aims to grow the visibility, community, and utility of our NFT collections.



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