Introducing Self-Serve IAOs 🔥🚀

Anyone who knows ApeSwap knows that tingly feeling you get when you see an announcement for the next IAO. It’s like when you see your favorite pair of socks on sale for half price - you have to grab some. Well, guess what beautiful apes…the time for self-serve IAOs is almost upon us. 😱

What is a Self-Serve IAO? 🤨

Self-serve IAOs is a new feature coming to ApeSwap that will allow any DeFi project to raise funds for initial liquidity and platform development through launching their token!

What’s incredible is that ApeSwap will be the first DEX on BSC and Polygon to offer this service! There is no other self-serve launchpad that allows you to launch, lock liquidity, and get listed all in one spot!

Note! Self-serve IAOs will NOT be ApeSwap endorsed or official ApeSwap partners, as ANY project can join and raise funds. While we will collect and provide information about a project, it will be entirely up to Apes to DYOR and ensure the project has sound tokenomics and a strong value proposition!

Can I use ApeSwaps Self-Serve IAOs? 🧐

I have great news for my fellow apes. If you can breathe into a bottle and make it foggy, you can use our self-serve IAO process - it’s that simple.

You don’t need our approval to launch a token.
You don’t need our approval to participate.
There are no whitelists or barriers to entry.
You don’t need 20,000 Twitter followers.
You don’t even need to be human.

Any ape with a great project idea and some determination can turn that project into reality and raise funds in a decentralized fashion, or ape into the next gem!

Note! Just because a project auto-locks liquidity does not mean there are not other rug risks. Be sure to always DYOR and look at the tokenomics, the full scope of the project, and if they have any part of the product built!

What this means for projects 🚀

If you are itching to launch your token right away and don’t want to wait for our fine friends in Business Development, starting at the end of the month, you are good to go on your own.

Simply create your BEP20 token, go through our sleek and simple process to set up your IAO, market your launch, and raise the funds!

A portion of the funds raised will be auto-locked as liquidity on the platform. Then the project will be free to use the remaining tokens and funds for development!

While all of the tokens going through this process will not necessarily be listed, self-serve IAO users will be high on our radar and take priority to be listed soon after raising funds. So if you are looking for a way to speed up a partnership with ApeSwap? Launch your project on our self-serve IAO platform and apply for a listing!

What this means for Apes 😛

Self-serve IAOs means a constant stream of potential ground floor gems! But be careful, as again, nothing is vetted on the platform, so there could be rug risks involved.

We expect the community to work together to share the “R” of DYOR and ape in safely together! ❤️

Why is ApeSwap doing this? 🤷‍♂️

All jokes aside, we are doing this for you. We take suggestions from our devoted community of apes very seriously. After numerous members requested for a service of the sort, we felt a responsibility to oblige.

We are proud to announce that we will be the first DEX with this type of offering. There are many self-serve launchpads that let you launch your own token, but because they aren’t DEXs themselves, they need to partner with a DEX both for locking liquidity and for trading.

Given our unique position in the market, we have the ability to let projects launch and trade in one single location.

This unique combination will help ApeSwap to continue to grow as a DEX, gathering TVL from all of these projects. And finally, it allows some breathing room for our Biz-Dev team to expand and continue offering the best customer service in the business.

Self-serve IAOs will go live on ApeSwap.Finance on November 29th, 2021.



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