Introducing Liquid Collectibles 👽

Permanent liquidity for your NFTs 💧

As we trend into the next wave of DeFi and NFTs we are going to push the boundaries of innovation forward on Binance Smart Chain. 🚀

Have you ever had an NFT that you wanted to liquidate, but you couldn’t find a buyer or even the right marketplace to offer it up? 🤔

Or have you ever wanted to launch an NFT collection in a decentralized fashion, but have not had the platform to do so? 🧐

Well look no further, because Liquid Collectibles is here to solve this!

What is Liquid Collectibles? 😛

Liquid NFTs are NFTs that are tokenized as fungible tokens (like BEP20 tokens) enabling them to be instantly traded on decentralized exchanges like ApeSwap! This unlocks several key benefits we see in DeFi. 😎

Tangibly, liquid collectibles allows artists to create an index of tokens that represents an NFT collection. Users can then purchase those tokens and cash them in to purchase an NFT from a vault that holds the NFT collection. Additionally they can pair the index tokens with BNB to provide liquidity for the NFT collection, farm with the LPs from adding NFT liquidity, and ultimately cash out NFTs in the collection for the index tokens, which can then be swapped into BNB. 🤯

At the start — all liquid collections will be curated by the Liquid Collectible team. This means that not just any random NFT collection can be tokenized and displayed on the website, the Liquid Collectibles team will be bringing you the best of the best of NFT collections on Binance Smart Chain.

In addition, artists will also be able to apply to launch a new collection of NFTs via Liquid Collectibles NFT launchpad! Initial NFT Offerings here we come. 🤑

Let’s walk through an example to further break this down. 🤓

  1. Alice is an ape that wants to create an NFT collection.
  2. She wants to ensure there is always a market for these NFTs for her collectors, and she wants collectors to always be able to cash those NFTs in at the floor price.
  3. Alice decides to launch a liquid collection of her NFTs!
  4. First, Alice creates 1000 limited edition NFTs.
  5. Second, she collateralizes all 1000 of these NFTs with an index token on Liquid Collectibles at a rate of 1 NFT to 100 NFTi° tokens. Note, NFTi° tokens are fungible only for that specific collection.
  6. The 1000 NFTs are deposited into a vault, which is essentially the “index”
  7. Third, Alice can now offer these NFTi° tokens at a fair launch price. Users can purchase the NFTi° tokens, to then cash in 100 to randomly get an NFT out of the Vault. Or they can pay a small 5% fee (105 NFTi° instead of 100). to specifically select the NFT they want from the vault.
  8. In addition, users who hold the NFTi° can provide liquidity for the NFT collection by pairing these indexes with BNB and creating LP tokens.
  9. From there they can take their LPs and farm the native Liquid Collectibles token, $LICO, to earn yield for providing liquidity to the NFT collection.
  10. This now creates an experience where the NFTs can be traded and sold on third party marketplaces (which would typically be the more rare NFTs), but could always be cashed in for 100 NFTi° tokens and liquidated for BNB, introducing a theoretical floor price that is always available for the entire NFT collection.

Please note: The price to randomly collect an NFT from the vault will be 100 NFTi° (before the metadata is revealed). If you want to specifically select your NFT it costs 105 NFTi°.

LICO and LIMO tokens 💦

Lets dive into the tokens that will be part of the Liquid Collectibles ecosystem and that are going to be offered on October 28th at 20:00 UTC! The Liquid Monsters collection will officially launch on the 30th, but note metadata will be revealed 72 hours after, on November 2nd.

The $LICO token

LICO serves as both a governance token and as an incentive for users to provide liquidity for NFT indexes that are curated and launched by the Liquid Collectibles team. In addition you can stake it to earn rewards.

The $LIMO token

The first liquid collection of NFTs will be Liquid Monsters 😈

LIMO is the NFTi° index token that correlates to the Liquid Monsters NFT collection and will be launched at the same time as the $LICO 🥳

You need $LIMO tokens to collect Liquid Monsters NFTs and also to provide liquidity and yield.

Public Sale 💰

The public sale will take place on October 28th 20:00 UTC and will last 48 hours.

The sale will take place at

By participating in the public sale you will get both $LICO (75%) and LIMO° (25%) tokens.

Amount to raise: $1,500,000 in $BNB (Overflow Model)

$LICO tokens for sale: 10,000,000

$LICO token price: $0.1

LIMO° tokens for sale: 333,000

LIMO° token price: $1.5

But Ser, is that it?? 👀

Not at all! You can do so much more with the Liquid Collectibles platform, including buying into indexes for NFT, spinning up indexes for NFT collections that are already in existence, speculating on the game theory of having a permanent floor price for NFTs, interacting with the yield farming opportunities with the $LICO token and getting access to new NFT drops by being a $LICO holder. 😇

How Does this benefit ApeSwap and the Jungle? 🌴

All of this is built on top of and powered by ApeSwap. 🐵 This means our router and liquidity pools will be used for all the index liquidity, which essentially means that the TVL from every NFT collection is now capable of being on top of ApeSwap.

Take a second to think about that, this means we can tap into a liquidity source that has yet to be deeply accessed.

We are hyped to welcome Liquid Collectibles into the Jungle, and believe their innovation will help drive more NFT adoption in the BSC ecosystem as a whole!

All the best, DK 😘

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