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Hello and welcome! This is a note from ApeLabs’ President, creator of ApeTV, and former ApeSwap Community Director, Chimpin Chip. Being a part of ApeSwap’s growth from a humble, fairly launched startup, to now hosting the second most users of any DEX on any chain, we’ve seen & learned a lot along the way. What we’ve noticed is a market wide desire to provide & receive education about DeFi, but incredibly poor execution in doing so. Education is incentivized, and mostly text based. There is no standardization of curriculum or means of instruction, all in all, the element of education within crypto is in poor condition.

We’re looking to change that now. The standard for any educational environment is the classroom. In recent years, digital classrooms have become widely used in higher education; more emphatically post-COVID. The question then is, why can’t this model be deployed within cryptocurrency and DeFi?

The answer mostly revolves around the libertarian and capitalistic nature of the space. Knowledge is a competency in crypto. It’s generally safe guarded while new entrants desperately search for it. Additionally, it’s incredibly difficult to build the trust needed for a crypto classroom to have the pulpit for success — but we believe we’ve crossed that threshold in ApeSwap, and are ready to evolve our space.

Starting October 4, 2021, ApeLabs will begin offering online classes designed to educate new entrants & the entrenched alike. We will start with one teacher in one language (English), then look to offer Labs in multiple languages, running multiple times per day. We believe this unique model will help raise the collective intelligence of our space, prepare participants to safely maneuver within crypto markets, and open doors for Lab Certified grads to work on, or develop their own, crypto projects.

Our standard curriculum involves over 160 hours of in-seat learning across 8 weeks of Labs, coupled with 25 more hours of coursework. The Labs will have a guest topic expert, and grads will earn a unique NFT serving as proof of their completion.

ApeLabs will be operated by a team of six trusted individuals from ApeSwap. They include President Chip, Vice President Jim Ben, Oracle Nanait, Dean Kryptables, Registrar Blazer, and finally our Ombudsmen Mac. This core staff will be responsible for administering registration, curriculum, Labs, and post-graduate activities. In addition to the Labs Core Team, we look forward to onboarding volunteers, interns, and more trusted partners like

Please dive into our website and ask any questions you may have on Twitter or via email. We’re happy to clarify any element of our Labs or structure, and we invite you to start this experience together with us. Much love and Ape Hard.



ApeSwap is a multichain DeFi Hub offering an accessible, transparent, and secure experience for everyone.

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