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The Future of GameFi

The Next Generation Of Gaming

  1. NFT Assets/Item Sales 💰
    a. NFT pre-sales to generate revenue before the project is officially launched to help with development and marketing
  2. NFT Marketplace Integration 🏦
    a. Create a marketplace where developers and users alike can buy and sell NFTs that are used in various games
  3. In-Game Token Creation 🪙
    This allows developers to create their own in-game token — or they can simply use the $EXP token
  4. Game Currency Transfer Integration 🔁
    This allows users to transfer their in-game currencies/NFTs across the network
  5. NFT Anywhere Integration 🌏
    This is the technology that allows for NFTs to be used in game across multiple networks
  6. Defi Staking 🥩
    The ability for developers to incentivize liquidity of their in-game economies via token or NFT staking

The Nitty Gritty For Apes

  • $EXP will be listed on ApeSwap 🐵
  • Stake $BANANA to earn $EXP 👾
  • Stake $EXP-$BNB to earn $BANANA 🍌

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