Decubate x ApeSwap 🐵🌴

Apes! It’s time to welcome our newest partner to the ApeSwap Jungle, Decubate, a next-gen social crowdfunding incubator! 🤓🌴

What is Decubate?

Decubate is a community-powered investment platform that is bringing the $3 trillion global startup economy on-chain, pairing traditional Web2 startups with the financial and promotional tools needed to fuel their Web3 success. Through launchpad and incubation services, Decubate aims to become a one-stop-shop for startups looking to implement blockchain technology.


Decubate’s launchpad will focus on tokenizing and launching promising traditional startups that stand to benefit from utilizing and implementing blockchain technology within their core product or backend, acting as a stepping-stone for promising projects to join the DeFi space.


Incubation is key to Decubate’s overall strategy, as they plan to work closely with traditional incubators worldwide to find and onboard the best startups into the DeFi and blockchain space. They’ll also be providing them with the advice and connections they need to be successful and continue to build in the space.

What does this mean for Apes?

ApeSwap is becoming Decubate’s preferred DEX partner! What this means is that projects that are launched or incubated by Decubate will have the opportunity to look for a listing/pool/farm on ApeSwap.

But it also means a new listing, pool, and farm are coming to ApeSwap!

Happening now:

  • Swap $DCB directly on ApeSwap 📈 (Sept 29th at 23:00 UTC)
  • Stake $GNANA and earn $DCB 🍌 (Sept 29th at 23:00 UTC)
  • Stake $DCB-$BNB and earn $BANANA 🚜 (Sept 29th at 23:00 UTC)
  • Decubate AMA on the ApeSwap Reddit 👽 (Oct 1st at 17:00 UTC)
  • Plus a few more surprises coming soon! 🔜

Decubate Links:




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