Charting and Limit Orders are Coming to ApeSwap’s Decentralized Exchange📈

Teaming up with BogTools 💪

In our mission to take monkeys into the stratosphere we have been strategically planning features to add to our decentralized exchange 🐵

With the goal of providing the best trading experience for you apes, we are teaming up with BogTools to implement charting on the ApeSwap platform for all our trading pairs, plus limit orders 🚀

Of course, DK wouldn’t have us close this deal without some tasty rewards 🤑

  1. Already Live: BogTools adds ApeSwap to their DEX Aggregator 🔄
  2. Already Live: BogTools adds limit orders for ApeSwap pairs 🥳
  3. Already Live: BogTools integrates ApeSwap pair charting 📈
  4. TBA: BogTools provides an embeddable chart for ApeSwap DEX UI 😱
  5. TBA: ApeSwap integrates BogTools charting and links to their limit orders 💪
  6. June 20th: ApeSwap lists $BOG on our DEX 💸
  7. June 20th: ApeSwap creates pool, stake $BANANA ➡️ earn $50,000 in $BOG 💧
  8. June 20th: ApeSwap provides a 1x farm for $BOG — $BNB 🍌

This is going to take the ApeSwap platform to the next level, catering to all the monkeys that want to ape into BSC and trade tokens.

We have a lot more in the pipeline to provide you the best yield farming and trading experience on BSC, so keep your bananas peeled 😉

And as always, to the moon Apes! 🐵🚀🌕

We’re a Decentralized Exchange on Binance Smart Chain. Visit us at https://ApeSwap.Finance