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Our Plan to Make ApeSwap a Community-Driven Platform ❤️

Decentralized Exchanges should be Decentralized

If you haven’t already noticed, community is the most important aspect of ApeSwap. Whats the point of all this monkey business if we don’t have lots of monkey frens in The Zoo?

We are a Decentralized Exchange after all, and we have full intent on transitioning the ownership of the platform to the global group of DeFi apes that are the true owners of The Zoo.

Start using the ApeSwap Community Suggestion Board

To start this process of trending towards true decentralization, we will begin by building what the community wants. For that we are excited to announce our suggestions board!

It’s pretty simple. There are two things apes can do in the public board:

✏️ Submit your own suggestions for ApeSwap.

⬆️ Upvote other monkey’s suggestions.

Test it out here for yourself! 🚀 Let’s build ApeSwap together.

Note, we will be taking into account feasibility and prioritizing the current roadmap. But this will be a great spot to see all the new features coming to The Zoo.

We’re a Decentralized Exchange on Binance Smart Chain. Visit us at https://ApeSwap.Finance