#BUIDL Newsletter — 004 🏗

More BUIDL updates straight from the ApeSwap Jungle

Apes, we are so proud of all of our BUIDL applicants, members, and graduates. We’ve seen some tremendous growth in the program since we started back in April and we couldn’t be more excited to keep moving forward. With that, let’s introduce our next cohort of accepted applicants!

Cohort 5: Our Newest Freshman Class

For this new cohort, we are pleased to welcome an insured farm/vault offering, a yield farm built on Polygon, and a unique project that vets up-and-coming projects for potential ApeSwap listings.

Cookie Finance 🍪

Cookie Finance is a future multi-chain insurance provider that uses wrapped farms to protect your assets. Farms are backed by the native token $CHIPS to compensate users if their funds are stolen or locked. Included in the coverages are protection against rug-pulls and exchange exploits, to enable safe investing in a quickly growing ecosystem. Cookie Finance is insured farming in an unsure world. ☂️

Barbershop Finance 💈

Barbershop Finance is a new yield farm launching solely on Polygon. They will be using ApeSwap LPs and working to help incentivize ApeSwap liquidity. Barbershop seeks to take a fun approach to yield farming by making everything centered around haircuts! Cut, shave and maximize your yields on Barbershop Finance today. 💇‍♂

Main Street 🏘

$MAINST is a deflationary token on the Binance Smart Chain acting as a marketing and promotional launchpad for high use-case tokens. The cornerstone is the $MAINST Neighborhood, showcasing partners who have been approved for promotion based on having high utility and strong developer commitments. This not only benefits the holders of $MAINST by broadening the options for their portfolios, but rewards developers for their time and dedication to concrete projects. The Main Street team is currently building out their road map to include new and unvetted token discovery in their $MAINST Alley, and will round out their ecosystem with games and entertainment in their $MAINST shops. These powerful features and smart tokenomics include both a burn and redistribution. Combine that with strong community and developer relationships, and these all gel to keep the spotlight on $MAINST holders.

We are psyched to be welcoming all of these new and unique projects as members of BUIDL, and can’t wait to see what they will accomplish with ApeSwap’s support. With that, we conclude this BUIDL newsletter, but look for more BUIDL updates in the coming weeks! And as always Apes, HODL hard and Ape Harder! 🐵💪

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