🐵 #BUIDL Newsletter — 002

All your #BUIDL Updates on the Jungle 🌴

The jungle never stops growing. Its just that simple 🤷‍♀ We got a whole new cohort of accepted BUIDL applicants, plus some new graduates! Get all the details in the second BUIDL newsletter 👨‍🎓

Interested in joining BUIDL? You can always check out the program here and apply here 🤓

Cohort 3: A New Freshmen Class 🎓

We’ve got a whole new freshmen BUIDL class for you Apes! These projects range from OG BSC gems, to brand new projects looking to make a name for themselves 🚀 Let’s get to know this new class!

Crow Finance 🐦

Crow Finance is a decentralized yield aggregator & optimizer, revolving around providing top of the notch returns for its vaults’ users.

Crow has implemented strong deflationary mechanisms to keep the supply in check and even lead to actual deflation on the long run.

Crow Finance is soon going to release a full revamp of its ecosystem (the v2 launch) which will introduce NFT-powered farming and rewards boosting for the holders of their token.

TapSwap 🔁

TAPSWAP Finance is a community-driven yield and DEX aggregator platform offering services that lower the barrier to entry into the world of DeFi, cryptocurrency and blockchain economy through TAPS Pay — A P2P Fiat On-Ramp. TAPSWAP Finance Buyback and Burn Program, Automatic burn fee on Smart Faucets and P2P accrued fees improves protocol share holder value.

TAPSWAP will have a one stop shop DEX Aggregator so users can trade freely across different liquidity pools from a single website. The unique dynamic yield farming deflationary tokenomics will turn TAPS token into a very scarce asset over time with a very low emission rate and low supply.

Purple Monster 😈

AtmosSoft specializes in the creation and distribution of stake-able NFTs for a Collectible Card Game. The NFTs can be staked for high APY on partner Yield Farms. The first Series of NFTs (Purple Monster) has recently been released and can now be staked here. AtmosSoft is currently in the initial stages of planning its second NFT drop and the Purple Monster Yield Farm recently passed its TechRate Audit with flying colors.

Twinci 🎉

Twinci is the first NFT-based social marketplace, where you can create, sell and collect digital works that are kept safe by the blockchain. We chose Binance Smart Chain for its interoperability, cheap transactions and rapid transaction speeds. Twinci aims to connect content creators with artwork hunters and create an ecosystem for buying and selling digital products in which creators have permanent royalties and collectors can verify the origin of the products, and trade them to generate income.

About the social feature, Twinci provides users with the ability to interact (by following each other, catching up with the updates from others in newsfeed, react to their NFTs), donate tokens to their beloved ones and much more!

Graduates 📜

DK couldn’t be more excited to announce our graduates 😄 After lots of hard work and development we have two more projects from our first Cohort completing the program.

Additionally the founders of both these projects are close to my heart. Faf and Morph, love you guys ❤️ Let’s get on to graduation!

MEMEX Exchange Ⓜ️

MEMEX Exchange is going to take over the meme ecosystem. They built an entire AMM centered around memecoins. They are also building a memecoin equivalent to Coin Gecko and Coin Marketcap, providing you with all the latest and greatest on memecoins.

Beautiful thing is, they are routing all of their volume and liquidity through ApeSwap. We are very excited to continue to see them develop, we even hear there’s a memecoin launchpad in the works 👀

Defy.Farm 👩‍🌾

Defy.Farm is an innovative yield farming platform with two very unique approaches to farming: A reflect mechanism that distributes fees to both farmers and token holders (with farmers getting double reward vis a vis token holders) and an impermanent loss protection mechanism that compensates users based on the impermanent loss they might incur when pooling liquidity!

They have been working hard and have branded ApeSwap all over their website 😍 Additionally they are working on new products to push DeFi innovation forward 💪 We couldn’t be more happy to graduate them and welcome them to The ApeSwap Jungle.



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