$BANANA Insurance Anyone? Meet Soteria!

Purchase coverage for ApeSwap on Soteria Mutual 🍌

Hey Apes! Hope you’re hungry for some fresh $BANANA news! 🐵

It’s no secret that our team believes in the long-term success of ApeSwap and $BANANA. But thats not enough, we want the whole ape family to be as confident as we are! To this end, we’re happy to announce Soteria Mutual is officially providing coverage for ApeSwap!

Using Soteria’s cover mechanism, apes now have the option to buy cover for their $BANANA, protecting them against any hacks or exploits (although we doubt that could happen 😉)! This is great news for apes who want insurance, but it’s also great news for ALL apes as well! Soteria only covers tokens that have gone through their comprehensive independent auditing process, ensuring that only the best and safest projects are eligible for coverage. This should give all apes additional peace of mind regardless of if they have purchased cover or not.

  1. Go to app.soteria.finance
  2. Become a member of Soteria Mutual (If you aren’t already)
  3. Click on the ‘Cover’ category on the left side of the page, then ‘Buy Cover’

4. Choose ApeSwap

5. Select how much you would like to be covered for (In BNB) and for how long

6. Purchase Coverage!

We love all you apes 😍. We have so much planned in the near future and are so excited to have this amazing community on this journey with us. Hodl hard, Ape Harder! 🚀

We’re a Decentralized Exchange on Binance Smart Chain. Visit us at https://ApeSwap.Finance

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