$BANANA-Drive #2: College Edition

Helping a Fellow Ape Continue his Education 🤓

You’ve probably seen our beloved community ape “Prashant Pal” perusing around Telegram & Twitter, moderating, spreading cheer, and fighting FUD! 🐵

But behind his relentless bullishness & his well wishes to others, there is a lot going on ❤️

Some Background Details ℹ️

Prashant’s father has been a small business owner in the engineering field for about 18 years, essentially dedicating his life to this profession and business. That all came to a halt recently through a series of family-eroding mental health issues that his father faced, coupled with COVID rendering his business essentially useless and his help unwanted.

Beyond the interpersonal and business impacts, this has resulted in some financial difficulties for Prashant’s family. When asking Prashant about the extent of the impacts, I can assure you they are deep enough to warrant a BANANA Drive, but he requested that we not elaborate publicly in too much detail.

In fact, these difficulties are exactly how he got into crypto and found ApeSwap — attempting to find a way to make some money and support his family ❤️

Prashant’s Telegram Profile Photo

One additional consequence of this situation — and what this BANANA drive is really about — is that Prashant has been forced to put his college education, and dreams of becoming an engineer himself, on hold.

As a result, we are aiming to raise at least $2,000 so Prashant can continue his education for the next semester and keep working to help his family get back on their feet.

How can Apes Help? 🐵

Prashant has been with the ape community from day 1, staying positive and optimistic regardless of circumstances, price, and any other factors. Let’s show Prashant the same love he gives our community. Here’s how you can help:

  • For a 3 day window, we open up a donation address (0xE93f3305c15EF48Df8efB40f3206F29905bDce76) where community members can send BANANA (BNB & other BEP-20 tokens are also accepted). We will start the drive with some initial funding.
  • After the period closes, 90% of the amount raised is sent directly to the recipient of the drive. After the donation occurs, Prashant will provide a tuition receipt so the community can rest assured they went to the right place.
  • 10% of the amount raised is kept and staked for the long-term. This BANANA will be staked and the interest earned will be used to give back to the community in other ways (we’ve heard stories about cancer treatments, typhoon victims, etc. that could all use a little help).

ApeSwap is donating an initial $500 in BANANA to get things started!

Send your BANANA, BNB, or other BEP20 tokens to 0xE93f3305c15EF48Df8efB40f3206F29905bDce76 to donate to this cause! ❤️

We will close donations on July 12th at 22:00 UTC.



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