BakerySwap + ApeSwap: Farms, NFTs, and More!

Apes, its time to get your bake on 🐵🍩

Hey Apes, we’ve missed you! And we have some incredible news. We are excited to reveal the first official ApeSwap partnership… BakerySwap!

Apes love $BANANA, but sometimes they need other food in their diets. So as a special treat, we’ve partnered with the top-notch team down at BakerySwap to bring some tasty $BAKE into the jungle.

So what does a $BANANA + $BAKE partnership mean?

Well two things, really. Mutual Pools + Farming and a Meme NFT Competition 🔥

First, we will be opening up BANANA/BAKE trading pairs on both platforms. Come stake your BANANA & BAKE for BANANA and BAKE rewards.

These liquidity pools + farms will go live on Feb 25 (time TBD)! On ApeSwap.Finance we will be using an 8x multiplier for the pool, making it one of the highest yielding pairs on our platform 👀

To hold you crazy apes over until the trading pair goes live, we will be hosting a collaborative NFT meme contest! We have a crazy $10,000 prize pool totaling $5,000 in $BANANA and $5,000 in $BAKE.

It’s easy to participate. Just create your best ApeSwap + BakerySwap Meme or NFT! We want to see Apes with Gordon Ramsey, Apes baking, Bakes Aping, whatever you can come up with!

There are two ways to formally submit:

  1. Create the NFT Meme on BakerySwap. 10 winners will be chosen here!
  2. Submit the Meme on twitter and tag Bakery_Swap and Ape_Swap. 10 winners will also be chosen here!

The contest starts on February 24th 15:00 UTC and goes until March 2nd 15:00 UTC.

Of course come chat with Big Baker and Obie Dobo in the ApeSwap and BakerySwap telegrams, and as always, Ape Harder!

— Love, the ApeSwap Team 🐵

We’re a Decentralized Exchange on Binance Smart Chain. Visit us at https://ApeSwap.Finance

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