ApeSwap’s UI Meta-Morphosis 🦋

Members from every part of our organization have been hard at work redesigning every area of our website — figuring out how it can serve users better. Through a series of updates in Q1 we’ll be bringing you new webpages across our entire platform to enhance the overall trading, staking and earning experience. Our strategy was simple, we wanted to apply uniformity, clarity and a distinct look & feel to the site that matched our maturity in the DeFi space. We hope you like the meta-morphosis as much as we do a— as we absolutely can’t wait to roll it out.

The Rollout

Over the next 2 months we are going to be rolling out 9 major UI updates (not including new features coming) to our DeFi Hub. These will be coming in 3 stages, focusing on offerings and trading, then staking, and finishing with our landing experience.

These major updates were preceded by our multi-chain UI update — that made it possible to switch seamlessly switch from BSC to Polygon across a single user interface. These changes are paving the way for ApeSwap to expand with ease into the future of decentralized finance.

Stage I in Progress

Our first stage began with a long awaited update to our IAO page. A user can now really easily find our latest IAO and search through past launches to claim vested tokens. We also made the proper updates so linear vesting would become available for our next IAOs upcoming in early February.

As each page should now adequately explain each product ApeSwap has to offer — our new IAO page explains oversubscription, vesting, contribution length and the dual offerings in $BNB and $GNANA. Another goal of the page was to better explain the IAO process on how we choose projects based on innovation, long term HODL opportunities and how close the product is to launch.

What’s Next

  • This weekend we’ll be announcing our next update in Stage I! (It may have to do with swapping… 😉)
  • We are creating a components library to source community contributions (Official Program TBA)
  • Come to our team meeting on Twitter Spaces on Monday afternoon to get an update regarding our UI Meta-Morphosis directly from the team



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