Jun 8, 2021

2 min read

ApeSwap’s Bug Bounty Program 🪲

If you are a crypto enthusiast, developer, or security researcher who LOVES ApeSwap, you can now earn bounties for revealing exploitable bugs in the ApeSwap platform that put user funds at risk 💰

ApeSwap is excited to share our official bug bounty program, hosted by ImmuneFi, which kicked off on June 4th, 2021. The appeal of decentralized applications is that they have no central authority, but this power comes with extreme responsibility as there is no way to revert mistakes or exploits. A bug bounty program crowd sources security research so that our community finds bugs before exploiters. This allows us to continue to focus on delivering new, secure and high caliber features at a faster rate. It’s the ultimate win-win for the ApeSwap Jungle🌴

Bounties: Earn some big bucks

Smart Contracts and Blockchain

Finding bugs in production smart contracts will earn the highest paying bounties 🤑

Website and Apps

Finding bugs in production web apps or APIs will earn additional bounties 💸

Payouts will be handled directly by the ApeSwap team and are denominated in USD. Bounties will be given in BANANA or BUSD, at the discretion of the ApeSwap team 🍌

SAFU ApeSwap 🔒

At ApeSwap we have to keep the jungle secure! Want to learn more about how we plan on keeping the Jungle SAFU? Check out our recent Medium article with our latest update!


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