ApeSwap x REVV Motorsport 🏎

REVV is Gearing Up to Join the ApeSwap Jungle 🏁

REVV Motorsport is a play-to-earn gaming and NFT ecosystem based on Ethereum, encompassing some of the most popular performance motorsports IP in the world. Through REVV’s ecosystem of various games and DeFi experiences, users get exclusive access to unique NFTs and play-to-earn opportunities from some of the biggest players in the racing world.

We are proud to announce that REVV will be joining the ApeSwap Jungle on BSC as one of our official partners! 🐵🌴

What This Means for Apes

We’ve got some great partnership activities lined up! As early as August 15th, look for:

  • Stake $GNANA ➡ Earn $REVV — August 20th, 06:00 UTC 🍌
  • Stake $REVV/$BNB LP ➡ Earn $BANANA — August 20th, 06:00 UTC 💰
  • REVV Reddit AMA — Live August 24th, 02:00 UTC 🙋‍♂️

A Staking Surprise 🙈

In addition to the above, we also have a surprise planned! We’ve worked closely with the REVV team to develop this beautiful limited edition ApeSwap branded racecar NFT. This car will be useable and playable in REVV Motorsport’s newest game: REVV Racing 🤯

What’s even better? Every single ape has the ability to earn this car! Just stake or hold at least $1,000 worth of REVV-BNB LPs for 7 days. An initial snapshot will be taken August 22nd at 03:00 UTC, then a follow up August 29th at 03:00 UTC to verify that the LPs were held. All users who meet the above criteria will be airdropped the official ApeSwap REVV Racing car! 🔥🏎

REVV’s Gaming Ecosystem

REVV seeks to position itself as the premier provider for blockchain based racing games and experiences. Through exclusive partnerships with the likes of Formula1, MotoGP, and FormulaE, REVV offers a wide variety of racing games all revolving around the use of the REVV token, check them out below!

F1 Delta Time

F1 Delta Time is an Ethereum blockchain-based game developed by Animoca Brands and REVV Motorsports in partnership with motor racing championship Formula 1 ®. The game utilizes both NFTs and fungible tokens for its collectible items that can be used in its Racing Game.

REVV Racing

REVV Racing is an upcoming arcade simulation racing blockchain game being built on Polygon (formerly Matic), and is the latest addition to the REVV Motorsport ecosystem. Users can play using different unique cars and partnership cars (Including our very own ApeSwap car!) to race and compete with other players in-game and on-chain.

Formula E: High Voltage

Formula E: High Voltage is an upcoming competitive management game, which utilizes blockchain to grant a new dimension of ownership and value to players. All of the core assets in Formula E: High Voltage can be fully owned by players, as these exist as NFTs. Formula E: High Voltage also utilizes the REVV token, and is part of the Play-to-Earn REVV Motorsport ecosystem.

MotoGP Ignition

MotoGP™ Ignition will allow fans to own and trade collectibles of their favorite MotoGP™ bikes and personalities on blockchain.​

MotoGP™ Ignition will deliver two forms of MotoGP™ branded experiences centered around limited-edition non-fungible tokens (NFTs): a digital collectibles platform where users buy and sell cards of varying rarity, and a racing manager game. The game’s racing management experience will offer the bikes, riders, and champions of MotoGP™ as NFT collectibles that players use to assemble their racing teams to compete against other players.​

REVV Links

Website: https://revvmotorsport.com/
Medium: https://revv-token.medium.com/
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/sCn3nru

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