ApeSwap x Lympo ⚽️🏀⚾️

Lympo is a platform built on Ethereum developing a sports NFT ecosystem centered around high-end NFTs created in official collaboration with world-famous athletes and clubs around the world. The entire Lympo ecosystem revolves around the LMT token, which can be used to stake for NFTs, directly purchase/mint NFTs, and more!

What is Lympo?

Lympo seeks to connect world-class athletes with their fans in new and previously unexplored ways using high-end, collectible NFTs. Users stake LMT to earn different tiers of unique NFTs for each athlete. Using these NFTs, users can unlock unique opportunities to interact with their favorite athletes, such as choosing the color of their shorts during a match or even getting a share of their winning profits from a tournament. The possibilities are endless!

Lympo has officially come to BSC and is joining the ApeSwap Jungle!

What This Means

We’ve got some great partnership activities lined up! As early as August 15th, look for:

  • Stake $GNANA ➡ Earn $LMT — August 15th, 22:00 UTC 🍌
  • Stake $LMT/$BNB LP ➡ Earn $BANANA — August 15th, 22:00 UTC 💰
  • Lympo Reddit AMA — Live August 18th, 16:00 UTC 🙋‍♂️

And we won’t stop there, keep an eye out for more collaborations with Lympo in the near future including a GNANA staking challenge! 🔥

Lympo Links

Website: https://nft.lympo.io/
Medium: https://lympo-io.medium.com/



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