ApeSwap Updates and Roadmap!

It’s going to be $BANANAs 🍌

Wow! It’s been a crazy 5 days 🤯 We’ve seen highs and lows, tons of bananas, and more memes than we can count! We’ve got some even more exciting updates in the pipeline. Read on for more 🐵

We could not be more grateful for the support and love we have received. You trusted us, you ape in with us, and you have been aping harder with us (our monkey analytics show over 80% of apes press the “Ape Harder” button).

February 20: We will be announcing a burn map 2.0 🔥

February 21: The apes have spoken and we listened! A BANANA/CAKE pool will open up, and of course offer $BANANA rewards 😋

February 26: We have a few partnerships in the works, will be looking to announce one 2/26, more to come! 🙌

Upcoming Audit: We have to keep the zoo safe.

Soon: We will have a $BANANA pool opening with BNB rewards for all you crazy apes! 100 BNB will be distributed over 5 days as a thank you 😍

Lets keep up the excellent work apes! Here’s where we are at so far 🍌

Want non-stop ape action? Come over and join us at https://t.me/ape_swap

We’re a Decentralized Exchange on Binance Smart Chain. Visit us at https://ApeSwap.Finance

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