ApeSwap Presents: WEN NEWS SER?

Jungle Frens, at ApeSwap we pride ourselves in our commitment to maximum output. We truly strive across the entire organization to bring you the best DeFi opportunities we can, as much as we can, every single day.

We believe actions over words in the DeFi space leads to long term sustainability and growth — and we see this in the strength of our partners, our team, and most importantly, you, the best community in the world. 🗺

But we also know that you really want to know what’s coming next, because we truly are all Apes at heart. ❤️🐵 So as we round out 2021, we’re bringing you a promise and a few commitments in the form of your favorite question.

And with that, ApeSwap is proud to bring you the official launch of Wen News Ser? 😉

🤝 The ‘WEN NEWS SER?’ Promise

#WenNewsSer is more than our responsibility to bring you constant quality partnerships & listings, continuous farms & pools and the best IAOs. It’s a strategic formula for us to grow our DEX, expand the Jungle and keep $BANANA healthy.

It’s a promise to grow vertically with the best partners in DeFi, to expand horizontally and round out our full DeFi offering, as well as cultivate and take care of what we have, an incredible Jungle and community of Apes.

🚨 BREAKING NEWS: 5 Announcements x 5 Days

Over the next 5 days we are going to be making 5 announcements about new site functionality, new projects, new ways of working, launch timings, and much more! 🤯

Each of these announcements will take place in the form of a Medium article at 19:00 UTC across our blog (right here), twitter, and Wen News Ser? announcement column on the ApeSwap site. 🗞

As always Apes, thanks for the continued support and being the best part of ApeSwap. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we are all ApeSwap, every single Jungle animal that hodls a $BANANA in their wallet. We hope you enjoy this week as much as we did putting it together! 🥰

With love, Rafiki 🧘‍♂️🐵



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