ApeSwap Partners with Paçoca to Launch New ApeStats Page

ApeSwap is proud to announce that we’re one of the first protocols to integrate Paçoca’s API on BNB Chain and Polygon mainnet. By implementing Paçoca’s API, ApeSwap can now reliably provide a holistic view of its users’ assets and power their ApeStats page in a reliable and safe way.

Thanks to Paçoca, ApeSwap was able to implement a simplified development process that leveraged the capabilities of Paçoca powerful portfolio tracking while maintaining a consistent look and feel for ApeSwap users.

Improving ApeStats through Paçoca

One of ApeSwap’s first features outside of the DEX was an ApeStats page that allowed users to view the value of their holdings, including BANANA and GNANA in the pools and farms that ApeSwap offered at the time. It was built entirely in-house and offered simple functionality, but as ApeSwap expanded its suite of DeFi Hub product offerings, the information that it provided to users became limited compared to the rest of the platform. As a result, we removed it from the nav bar about nine months ago, expecting to bring it back when we could find a suitable partner to assist with the build and implementation.

Here’s where Paçoca comes in — knowing that Paçoca’s API could offer the robust capabilities and uptime that would be required for a new and improved ApeStats page, we engaged them to start building a version that would encompass all that ApeSwap now provides as part of its DeFi Hub.

Throughout the development of the new ApeStats page, Paçoca was able to build out a backend and frontend implementation that could consistently show users data related to:

  • Yield Farms
  • Staking Pools
  • Maximizers
  • the ApeSwap Lending Network
  • Jungle Farms
  • Treasury Bills
  • ApeSwap NFTs (Non Fungible Apes and Non Fungible BANANAs)

As of the launch of the new ApeStats page, ApeSwap’s nearly 250k monthly active users can now accurately track, on a granular level, their portion of the $100M of total value locked on ApeSwap.

Obie Dobo, ApeSwap co-founder, said: “Truth be told, Paçoca is the only reason ApeStats exists! Collaborating with them was instrumental in aggregating data across ApeSwap’s hundreds of farm, pool, bill, lending, and other offerings. Utilizing Paçoca’s API, along with assistance on the frontend, enables us to provide a friendly user experience for any ape’s portfolio tracking across our entire DeFi hub.”

About Paçoca

Paçoca is a portfolio tracker, DEX aggregator, and one of the highest APY auto-compounding yield aggregators on BNB Chain through its unique technology called Sweet Vaults. Paçoca’s vision is to create a suite of complementary DeFi products that will operate in a harmonious ecosystem.

Learn more about Paçoca by visiting Pacoca.io. To discuss an integration, email Salt@pacoca.io or reach out through Telegram https://t.me/PacocaSalt.



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