ApeSwap Partners with Mogul Productions 🎥

The future of film is here and now everyone can become a mogul. Mogul Production’s unique token system leverages decentralized finance and transparency to approach the film industry in a completely unique way and we couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with them for their launch on BSC.

About Mogul Productions 🎞

Mogul Productions is a decentralized film financing project connecting creators, film financiers, and movie fans together, giving everyone the opportunity to participate in producing and distributing big-budget movies.

Mogul incentivizes participation and engagement on their platform using blockchain technology, NFTs, and crowd-funding mechanisms. The STARS token allows users to complete in-app payments, vote on key decision-making surrounding green lighting and producing feature films, as well as entitles the holders to govern 50% of generated profits. 😎 This puts you, the fan, in the director’s seat like never before.

Mogul Facts and Figures

  • 50k users in first 3 months of launching their project
  • Mogul will be hosting the first ever vote for a blockchain funded movie in the next few weeks; users can vote using the STARS token and voters are rewarded with STARS for voting
  • STARS is a deflationary token where tokens are burnt when they are used to purchase NFTs and rewards on the Mogul platform
  • Mogul has sold more than $10m in NFTs; some of the highest numbers of any NFT project

Get to know Mogul and STARS 🤝

Apart from ApeSwap integrating STARS into their platform, Mogul and ApeSwap are joining forces to introduce STARS to our Jungle Family and BANANA to the Mogul Financiers. Watch out for these opportunities:

  • Mogul will join Chimpin’ Chip on ApeTV, our podcast that reaches listeners from more than 30 countries, now streaming on Spotify
  • Julian will host an ApeSwap Reddit AMA and join a Mogul Telegram AMA
  • An airdrop to incentive ecosystem development where NFA (Non-Fungible Ape) holders will be gifted $10,000 worth of STARS, and Mogul Access Pass holders will be gifted $10,000 worth of BANANA
  • A Twitter cross-promotional giveaway

Farms, Pools, and More 💰

As expected, there will be plenty of juicy APR’s on ApeSwap as part of our partnership. 😋 Starting July 15, 2021 look out for:

  • Official STARS listing on ApeSwap 📈
  • GNANA staking pool to earn STARS ⭐️
  • STARS/BNB LP farm to earn BANANA 🍌

Whether as a fan or financier, access to your favorite creators and opportunities to directly fund their projects is closer than ever before. Disruption is upon us, ape in today! 🐵

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