ApeSwap Joins Brave Wallet to Drive DeFi Adoption

3 min readJun 15, 2022


One of the core challenges of driving decentralized finance (DeFi) forward is guiding new adopters through the process. The core strength of DeFi lies in the user base, and those who believe in a future where the many — not the few — determine the future of our personal wealth. Without a basic knowledge about cryptocurrency and digital tokens, getting involved can seem overwhelming at times.

To make the transition easier, ApeSwap is integrating with one of the most trusted Web3 browsers online today. Effective immediately, Brave Wallet can now connect with the ApeSwap protocol to let users tap into the next generation of financial innovation.

Why ApeSwap is Adding Brave Wallet Support

The underlying tenet of Web3 is control of all our personal collateral, including our identity, personal financing, and digital life habits. Brave embraces this idea with their products by blocking all data trackers and keeping personal information — like browsing and search habits — personal. The Brave Browser blocks ads based on your surfing habits and all trackers from websites, while Brave Search doesn’t share, sell, or lose user data because it doesn’t collect it in the first place.

The Brave Wallet is the first secure cryptocurrency wallet built into a web browser. Instead of downloading one (or several) wallet apps or visiting several different websites, Brave Wallet users can engage with ApeSwap, cryptocurrencies, and other decentralized apps (Dapps) directly.

ApeSwap and Brave share several values in common, making this connection a natural fit between two peers. Both organizations believe in security above all, providing those using our platform a safe space to build wealth through our decentralized exchange, liquidity pools, utility token staking, and lending network in a transparent and globally accessible way.

Moreover, ApeSwap has the deepest liquidity on the BNB Chain for Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT), the reward token for opting in to receive in-browser advertisements. This partnership gives Brave users even more utility for their time, making it easier for them to use their earnings to build even more value.

“We’re excited to announce the first partners that have integrated Brave Wallet into their DApps through the program, as more and more users are looking to easily access DApps and take advantage of Web3 technology to be in charge of their data,” Luke Mulks, Vice President of Business Operations at Brave, said in a press release. “We’re looking forward to sharing updates about more partners added through the program, as well as announcements about partners on BAT utility collaborations in the months ahead.”

Connecting Brave Wallet with ApeSwap

Connecting Brave Wallet with ApeSwap provides a seamless on-ramp experience for new users to start controlling their own finances through buying into one of the deepest and best-funded DeFi communities available. To get started, click on the “Connect” button at the top -right of the screen, select “Brave Wallet” from the list, and follow the on-screen prompts.

Our move to add even more wallets is the latest show of our commitment to bringing more people worldwide financial freedom without sacrificing personally identifiable information. With the addition of Brave Wallet, ApeSwap offers more ways for users to onboard than ever before, including through social channels using Torus Wallet.




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