ApeSwap Integrations 👩‍💻

#WenNewsSer Announcement 03 (Part I) 😉📰

3 min readNov 10, 2021


Greetings apes! I’m sure you’ve noticed ApeSwap slowly making its way into more and more of the DeFi space lately, especially on BSC! 💪

Notable Integrations 🤯

With plans to continue growing our ecosystem, you will see our cute little ape logo popping up all over the place. 🙈

We are very proud of our progress and would love to share an integration update with you of all the places you can currently find us. 🤓

Rug Doc

ApeSwap has an official badge for projects that use ApeLPs!

In a space where anyone can anonymously create and release a token, we have to be very wary of scams. You can never be too safe when it comes to investing your own hard-earned money. As such, we are very proud to partner and integrate with one of the best reviewers on BSC.


ApeSwap has one of the safest bubble maps!

While we’re on the subject of security, if you’re an ApeSwap user and you are looking for an amazing visual tool to check on holders and transfers from the biggest wallets, I would have to recommend you check out Moonlight’s Bubble maps here.


ApeSwap’s announcements on Medium will soon appear on the ApeSwap page on Crypto.com!

As an amazing resource for news, a great way to convert crypto to fiat, and recently it’s own blockchain, this next project does too much to fit into one category. We are thrilled to connect with one of the OG’s of the game whose name says it all: Crypto.com.

Last but definitely not least, we cannot forget about some of the titans of the industry, the “go-to” spots to check on both the market as a whole, and all of the biggest individual tokens and coins:

Chart Integrations 📈

For all of you old-timers who traded in the early days, by which I mean February of 2021, you’ll remember when charts didn’t exist and you had to buy and sell your tokens hoping you got in on a dip. Now, we have the luxury of being able to see charts on all of our tokens from when they were created until the present day. We are proud to announce that you can find our listed ApeSwap tokens at all of the top charting applications on BSC!

DEX Aggregator Integrations 📊

DEX aggregators are a very useful tool many of us use to get the best rates when swapping tokens. They optimize swap fees, slippage, and token prices by looking for the best place to make a trade. For a larger DEX like ApeSwap, they are great drivers of volume, sending loads of users directly to our DEX.

Defi Dashboard Integrations 🖥

Dashboards are apps that allow you to track your different investments from one single location. The beauty of these apps is that you can see what is going on with your tokens on multiple blockchains at once, and monitor the profit/loss from each of those investments. Because they offer a way to visualize your DeFi and farming data, they can prove to be very useful for our apes. Our current dashboard integrations include:

We hope you find this as a useful guide and reference in knowing just how deeply integrated the Jungle is with all these high-quality projects!




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