ApeSwap Governance Round III 🗳

#WenNewsSer Announcement 02 😉📰

Apes, we want YOU to vote! So, load up those GNANA and get ready to weigh in on some exciting ApeSwap proposals. 👨‍⚖️

A Quick Refresher On How it Works 🗳

ApeSwap Governance is a platform designed to give the community insight and input into the most impactful decisions concerning ApeSwap. Specifically, ApeSwap uses a software to take a “snapshot” at a certain block. This snapshot dictates the voting power of each wallet, where 1 GNANA = 1 vote.

Here are some key points to remember about the governance process:

  • You can vote and review proposals at Vote.ApeSwap.Finance.
  • You MUST have your GNANA in your wallet during the “Snapshot Block” for you to utilize voting power with those GNANA. If the GNANA are not in your wallet during the Snapshot Block, you do not have voting power for that GNANA. NOTE: If you have staked any GNANA into pools or farms at the time of the snapshot, those GNANA will not be counted as eligible towards votes during the round of governance.
  • Due to block time inconsistencies in BSC, sometimes we cannot predict the exact time a block will occur, so the snapshot will be reasonably close to the predicted time, if not the exact time listed below.

The Governance Snapshot for Round III is set for November 12th at 22:00 UTC!

Introducing Governance Proposals 10–14 🐵

Below is a TL;DR of the five upcoming ApeSwap governance proposals. If you’d like to read more about any given proposal, please check the ApeSwap Governance Platform for an in-depth breakdown. 💪

Proposal 10: Governance Quorum Restructuring 📊

Currently ApeSwap’s Governance Quorum is a 4% threshold, which has proven to be challenging to reach in most governance proposals. We are proposing two different avenues to resolve this. The first option simply proposes to lower the quorum percentage to 2.5%. The second proposes to increase the quorum percentage, but redefine what it means for GNANA to be “in circulation.”

Options are as follows:

  • Option 1: Lower Quorum to 2.5%
  • Option 2: Redefine GNANA “In Circulation,” Increase Quorum to 7.5%

Proposal 11: Farm Multiplier Optimization Cadence 🌴

Currently, ApeSwap has been adjusting and optimizing farm multipliers roughly twice a month, as we see fit to most effectively run the decentralized exchange and maximize the utility of our BANANA emissions. This proposal is intended to formalize and codify this process.

Options are as follows:

  • Option 1: Optimize Farm Multipliers Every 2 Weeks
  • Option 2: Optimize Farm Multipliers Monthly

Proposal 12: Temporary Staking Pool Cap 💧

Juicy APRs should belong to everyone! This proposal introduces the potential change to start capping BANANA/GNANA staking amounts for the first 48 hours of newly launched staking pools.

Options are as follows:

  • Option 1: Introduce Temporary Staking Pool Cap (48 hours)
  • Option 2: No Change

Proposal 13: Final BUIDL Graduation 🏗

With ApeSwap planning to roll out new programs and information about our ecosystem soon, we are planning to sunset the original BUIDL program. ApeSwap’s BUIDL Program currently has six members (YSL.IO, SeaChain, Bingus, Barbershop, Rug Zombie, MainStreet) who are eligible candidates to graduate from BUIDL. We are proposing to graduate them together, as a single class.

Options are as follows:

  • Option 1: Graduate All Six Members
  • Option 2: Do Not Graduate All Six Members

Proposal 14: Linear IAO Vesting 🔒

While ApeSwap’s change from an immediate IAO token unlock to a three-month vesting period has been well-received, we feel further improvements can be made to continue to drive long term benefits. The proposal below would allow us to adopt a model in which token allocations are continually vested over a 3–12 month timeframe, based specifically on the project.

Options are as follows:

  • Option 1: Vest IAOs Continually (25% of allocation at end of sale, then linear vesting from then until the end of the 3–12 month vesting timeframe)
  • Option 2: No Change to IAO Vesting Procedures

Got More Questions? Join our Reddit AMA! 👽

We’re going to be available to answer any burning questions via a Reddit AMA later this week!

Who: Banaetty and Obie Dobo

When: November 11th at 22:00 (24 Hours before the Snapshot)

Where: ApeSwap Reddit

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