ApeSwap Design Contest: 500+ $BANANA Prize 🍌

We’re looking for a designer monkey 🐵

Hello Apes 👋 We are running a design contest to enhance the ApeSwap user interface, branding, and overall experience!

We are looking for different designs to be featured on ApeSwap including:

  • Must submit a unique and original design
  • Must be ApeSwap related
  • There is no submission cap, try as many times as you’d like!
  • Image format files only
  1. 500 $BANANA + a chance to be an ApeSwap graphic designer
  2. 250 $BANANA
  3. 150 $BANANA
  4. 75 $BANANA
  5. 25 $BANANA

Join the Contest!

Let the submissions begin! You can submit your graphics here.

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