ApeSwap BUIDL Freshmen Class 🎓

We cannot be more excited to announce our initial cohort of accepted applicants to the BUIDL program. These fine projects have been hard at work in the Binance Smart Chain space and have great potential! 🚀

Remember Apes, still DYOR, only upon graduating will these projects become official ApeSwap partners. We have faith these will become great projects, but as noted in the original medium article, our final due diligence check is the last step before graduation.

Now, onto the introductions!

Koala DeFi 🐨

These cute creatures have actually already worked to migrate liquidity over to ApeSwap. Koala Defi takes a different approach to farming with their Bush vaults that reward in BUSD, WBNB & BANANA! Bush Vaults V1 are out, with V2 soon to follow!

With Koala building out various vault strategies and innovating how normal pools and farms are built, we believe this will be a great project to join the ApeSwap ecosystem.

Defy.Farm 👩‍🌾

These devs are defying the normal approach to DeFi. By combining reflect mechanics with reward distribution, Defy Farm flips the normal farming script. They have introduced high yield farming with fast deflation, making them a completely unique project on BSC. They also are cooking up a new product called Defy.Credit, which aims to provide interest-free loans against crypto assets. Can’t wait to see how that works!

Defy Farm will be working to migrate liquidity to ApeSwap. With their new loan product coming out, there is tons of potential for Defy Farm. We are excited to support them, and honored to have their products routing through ApeSwap and supporting their liquidity.

MEMEX.Exchange 🤩

Looking for the best new memecoin? Well you officially have to look no further than Memex.exchange. These devs are going to be building out the go to spot for all memecoins. You will now be able to trade all your favorite coins in a single location. Plus they will have a dedicated Mememarketcap website and build an entire ecosystem around memes on BSC, ETH and Polkadot chains.

Whats even better is they are collaborating with ApeSwap to use our router. This will be a great strategic alliance since ApeSwap and Memex.exchange will have different appetites for the tokens they list. We will work to push business leads to each other, but grow the same ecosystem.

Magikarp Finance 🐟

Magikarp started out as a memecoin, but don’t underestimate them. Recently launching their platform, they are looking to become a platform for trying out different DeFi experiments. Think advanced lottery games, BNB vaults, NFT-augmented farms and more!

Magikarp Finance will also be migrating liquidity to ApeSwap. The benefit here is all you Apes will be able to ape into new DeFi experiments, and all these projects will be based on ApeSwap LPs when applicable. Who knows, maybe $BANANA will get used in one of these experiments!

And thats a warp! Join us in welcoming this first class 👏



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