ApeSwap + BrickChain — Building Better DeFi

We’d like to give a warm ape welcome to our newest listing and pool, BrickChain.finance! They’ve been hard at work building an amazing platform with their bricks, and now you apes can use those bricks to build a tower to the moon! 🧱🌕

On March 21st we will be opening a BANANA/BRICK liquidity pair on ApeSwap, as well as a new pool!

  • The BANANA-BRICK rewards pool will launch at 18:00 UTC on March 21st (with the BRICK DEX listing coming sometime before) 🤝
  • The pool will reward 600,000 BRICK (about $21,000) over the subsequent 7 days! Get those juicy APY’s while you can! 😋

In the next few days, Brickchain will be migrating their liquidity to ApeSwap, creating new BRICK/BNB and BRICK/BUSD pairs and farms on their platform. This means all you apes can take advantage of those tasty APY’s on BrickChain while staying faithful to your fellow apes. More to come on this soon, be sure to stay on the lookout!

Just us both over at ApeSwap.Finance and Brickchain.Finance 🧱🐵

We’re a Decentralized Exchange on Binance Smart Chain. Visit us at https://ApeSwap.Finance

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