ApeSwap 1 Month Recap + What’s Next?

Where we’ve been & where we’re going 🚀

It’s been just over 1 month since ApeSwap came to life 🐵 From the initial BANANA Frenzy to the million BANANAs burned to an insane IAO — we’ve seen highs, lows, and everything in between.

Let’s take a minute to step back and see how far we’ve come… and of course where ApeSwap is heading ❤️

ApeSwap’s First Month in Review 🗓

Some of Our Key Metrics

For a month-old platform, ApeSwap has already hit some impressive milestones! We’ve curated a list of the most notable ones for you to enjoy:

📈 Volume — Almost $400,000,000 in transactions processed!

💧 Liquidity — Peaked at nearly $30,000,000 liquidity!

🔥 Burns — Burned over 1,350,000 BANANA

🤝 Transactions — Over 1,500,000 BANANA transactions

🍌 Hodlers — Over 6,000 apes holding BANANA

💻 Users — Over 250,000 unique active users have visited ApeSwap.Finance

🐵 Community —Last but not least, we have grown a Twitter of over 17,000 and a Telegram of over 7,000 lively monkeys! (Shout out to our incredible community management team ❤️)

The best part about all of this… we’re just getting started 🚀

The Animal Kingdom: ApeSwap Partners

Our partners come from all walks of life, habitats, environments, and some are even edible (looking at you, BREW, NUTS)! Overall, we’ve boasted a roster of over a dozen partners, from some of the largest players in the space (BIFI, BAKE, etc.) to some promising upcoming projects (CRX, SOUL, NAUT, etc.)

In large part due to these incredible partners, we’ve been able to open up over 20 new pools and farms, which have paid millions (literally millions) of dollars in rewards through BANANA and many other tokens. Just for our users ❤️🐵

We don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! If you’re a partner looking to work with ApeSwap, please feel free to reach out to us on Telegram.

The World’s First “Initial Ape Offering”

Technically, we broke a world record… the world’s largest “Initial Ape Offering”. Well, that’s because it’s also the first!

Besides the fact that it was the first, it actually was a pretty big deal. If you missed the action, here’s a play by play on March 16th (UTC):

  • 02:55 — 5 minutes til IAO. ApeSwap.Finance reaches record traffic levels (3x our normal peak!)
  • 03:00 — IAO opens up. Apes start going crazy.
  • 03:01 — The initial raise goal of $400,000 is already met (half a million in one minute!)
  • 03:10 — $3,000,000 is raised.
  • 04:00 — IAO closes with an oversubscription of 1372%
  • 04:01 — NAUT trading and pools begin. Token goes up over 300% (and has been doing quite well since).

If you missed this insane IAO action, don’t worry, we’ll be having another soon 🚀

A special “thank you” to the NAUT team for their help making this a success. If you haven’t already, check out their promising project details here.

What’s Next for ApeSwap? 🔮

It’s great to spend some time looking back at our accomplishments, but we have a lot of work to do before we make our wild monkey dreams come true.

In just the next two weeks, we have lots going on. Here highlights just a few of the many things our team is building 💪

1. More Details on Non Fungible Apes

We shared a teaser tweet about our first NFT initiative last week, for the time being dubbed “Non Fungible Apes.”

These apes are almost ready, we’ve spent tons of time designing the best attributes for them and generating a rare collection of 1,000 apes. The official smart contract will be deployed this week (as a fork of the Crypto Punks code) and the first 100 will be available on BSC marketplaces shortly after.

Don’t miss out, they’re only getting more expensive as we release each set of 100! Oh, and we’ve got a lot planned for NFA holders in the future.

You should be seeing some NFA promotions soon, so keep those eyes peeled 👀

2. The BANANA Lottery

You’ve asked over and over, and we’ve promised over and over. The ApeSwap lottery will be available before the end of March ❤️

The lottery will include a very similar dynamic to the current lotteries seen in the space, such as PancakeSwap. We will be running lottery campaigns regularly, so for all you gambling apes, this will be a chance to get your fix! Oh, and we’ll be doing plenty of BANANA burning once live, so make sure to do your part and play! 🎰

3. Updated User Interface — Stats Page & Home Page

If you’ve ever wondered “how much is all my BANANA worth?” or “I wish I knew what I was making each day from my LPs 🤔”. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The New Ape Stats Page

Coming very soon (like, this week), we will be introducing a stats page so you can keep tabs on all of your farms, pools, and anything else ApeSwap related! No need to ask Klaus to do math for you anymore 🤓

Additionally, we understand the importance of further differentiating ourselves from other yield farm forks and DEX’s in the space, so expect to see gradual and continual UI changes over the next few weeks.

4. Oh, and one more thing… A sneak preview of the “Golden BANANA” 🍌👑

We’ve heard our community’s concerns over and over; “need more burn”, “too much inflation”, “reward loyal ape”, “whales is bad.”

Trust us, these concerns are top of mind for the team over at ApeSwap as well. So let’s do something about it.

We can’t share too much too early, but we can say our genius smart contract apes are cooking up something special called “Golden BANANAs”. We’re in the heavy R&D phase, but will have these to our apes as soon as possible.

The Golden BANANA will be designed to help IAO whale over-subscription, increase burns, and incorporate future governance functionality. And guess what? The only way you’ll be able to access these beautiful golden fruits will be through burning some precious BANANA 🍌🔥

We’re a Decentralized Exchange on Binance Smart Chain. Visit us at https://ApeSwap.Finance

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