ApeStrong India COVID Relief: Special Edition NFT Auction 🌏

Opens May 22nd at 13:00 UTC on NFT Key

Apes, you aren’t going to believe this! An anonymous considerate ape came to us with a proposition a few weeks back: If they donated 2 Non-Fungible Apes, would we be willing to create some special edition NFTs to support COVID relief in India? 😇

We obviously said yes, we love our community and always love supporting charitable initiatives! 🐵 ❤️

The Cause

India is reporting the world’s highest number of new COVID cases each day. Put simply, many people are dying, and crematoriums are struggling to keep up 😢

India is also the lead exporter of physical bananas in the world with an annual output of 14.2 million tonnes. We don’t take that global responsibility to bananas for granted, and we’re eager to help do our part! 🍌🤯

To support the India COVID relief efforts in the crypto community, have created and will be auctioning off 3 Special Edition NFT’s. All proceeds generated from the auction will go directly to CryptoRelief 💙

Auction Details

On May 22nd at 13:00 we are launching a 36 hour auction for 3 special edition NFTs, plus a raffle for a Tier 4 Non-Fungible Ape! 🚨

Similar to our Non-Fungible Apes collection — this auction will be hosted in partnership with NFT Key, who have graciously provided their beautiful platform and expertise for this initiative.

To help spread the word, we’re also giving away a Tier 1 #NFA via Twitter 🐦

Please go RT, like and share to help us spread the word!


As always, ApeStrong Together 💛



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