Another Food Frenzy! This time with SUSHI 🍣

Let’s welcome our SUSHI friends from Ethereum 👋

You apes are incredibly hungry all the time, and we know we need to keep feeding you 😋 With how successful our initial BANANA Frenzy was, we decided to bring it back, this time with SUSHI pairs!

Announcing the SUSHI FRENZY 🍣

Come pool your SUSHI tokens on BSC, where the APY’s are high 📈 and the transaction fees are cheap 😛

We are going to open up 3 trading pairs + farms for the SUSHI Frenzy:

🍌 SUSHI/BANANA: 4x multiplier

🍱 SUSHI/ETH: 2x multiplier

🍣 SUSHI/BNB: 2x multiplier

Farms will go live at 3/11 20:00 UTC -5 (8EST)

After 48 hours, the multipliers will cut in half, so be sure to pool your liquidity quick to get those sweet sweet $BANANA Rewards.

Our goal is to make the ApeSwap LP APY’s much higher than PancakeSwap, so if you have liquidity there, bring it over to us and get in on this juicy farming opportunity!



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