Addressing $BANANA Inflation 🍌

There comes a time in every ape’s life when he/she is ready for ‘the talk’. The ape becomes mature enough to no longer ask “wen moon” and is prepared to discuss some serious monkey business. 🐵

All jokes aside, BANANA inflation is a very real thing. And we know it’s on everyone’s mind. So to put you all at ease, we’re addressing it head-on.

It’s important to note that our solutions take time and are not meant to be “quick workarounds.” It’s impossible to implement everything right away. We’re doing things right, and with a long-term outlook, so we can protect the DEX, yield farms, and your sweet sweet BANANAs. ❤️

ApeSwap’s Gameplan to Tackle Inflation 🔥

We have a wide range of features and approaches coming out that are going to assist us in increasing our burn rate, clawing back circulating BANANA, and fight inflation:

DEX Fees (BSC + Polygon) 📈

As you might have seen in our public commitments to RugDoc, we have increased the portion of trading fees we take on the Polygon deployment of ApeSwap’s DEX. This is so that we can accumulate more funds to help with BANANA’s tokenomics!

Specifically, we plan to use a portion of these fees (as well as the fees taken from the BSC DEX) to buy back BANANA tokens and burn them.

Auto-Burn Vaults 🔒

Another item on ApeSwap’s roadmap to combat inflation will be our very own vaults! Many vault providers implement fees in some capacity, such as deposit/withdraw fees, performance fees, or something else and pocket them.

ApeSwap’s vaults will have no interest in being a revenue stream, but simply a way to buy back & burn tokens. All fees in ApeSwap’s vaults will purely be in the best tokenomic interest of BANANA. ❤️

More Consistent IAOs 🦧

Who doesn’t love a good IAO day? Not only are they an exciting community-building experience, but they are extremely good for ApeSwap’s tokenomics! Each IAO includes a fundraise in GNANA that is burned, helping ApeSwap claw back existing BANANA out of circulation.

In an effort to maximize the tokenomic benefits we get from IAOs, we are planning to run Initial Ape Offerings on a more regular cadence. Our goal will be to have a high-quality IAO every 2 weeks or less (please note we won’t ever have a low-quality IAO, so this will depend on deal flow). So look forward to more IAOs!

IAZOs: Self-Serve Offerings 🤝

From the success we’ve seen with IAOs, we’ve had an abundance of projects reach out asking to launch on ApeSwap. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to handle all the requests. So what are we going to do? Implement a self-serve launchpad for any BSC project. 😎

We are calling them “Initial ApeZone Offerings” or “IAZOs” for now. Each IAZO will require projects to provide ApeSwap with a portion of the funds raised, which will enable us to use the funds gathered for buybacks & burns! 🔥

We hope this puts your worries at ease. We do have a plan and we are working hard to get this implemented! As always apes, hodl hard, ape harder 💪



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