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Apes, what a year it's been, and we’re thankful for each and every one of you!

In Q4 we posted our highest trade volume, most new listings, most revenue, and highest burn % since our inception last February. And with the help of our valued partners, got to end the…

Apes, it’s time to welcome our newest IAO, 99Starz, to the Jungle! 🐵 🌴

Brought to you by Animoca Games, the largest blockchain gaming company in the world! 🤯 And a very close partner of the ApeSwap Jungle. ❤️

About 99Starz 💫

Simply put, 99Starz is creating a results driven cross-chain GameFi ecosystem…

It was another big month per usual at ApeSwap. As we round the corner on 2021 and start to gear up for what will surely be the year that defines web3 we’ve continued to put our foot on the gas. 🏎💨

We built on past IAO success, we put out…

Dear Apes,

Welcome to the world of Self Serve IAO’s, our newest most hands off DeFi feature at ApeSwap. Projects that utilize the SS-IAO platform are not handpicked by ApeSwap and have not passed our due diligence process.

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce our new collection of Non-Fungible Bananas, officially launching with our partner Liquid Collectibles on Friday, November 26th at 22:00 UTC. 🚀

Sale Information

The initial NFB sale will be hosted on Liquid Collectibles, through a Dutch auction held for the NFB Index Token, NFBi. The…

Ever have that feeling where you need a little bit of liquidity, but don’t want to part with your sweet, juicy naners? 🍌

Well look no further, fren — ApeSwap has the solution for you! We are launching a lending service with one of our newest family members, Ola!



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